It’s crucial to remember that the purpose of your CV is to advertise yourself and sell your talents and abilities. To do so, you’ll need to showcase your most significant achievements and accomplishments. Including your main accomplishments on your CV might mean the difference between having an interview and not getting one.

When applying for a job, keep in mind that the hiring manager is searching for someone who can perform the job and has the necessary experience. This usually includes mentioning your employment history, educational background, and any other relevant achievements. If you have participated in extracurricular activities or volunteered, they are also excellent additions to your CV. It may be beneficial to make a list of your most noteworthy accomplishments in some instances. This provides potential employers with a picture of all the incredible things you’ve accomplished, from overcoming obstacles to collecting awards.

Completed A Degree From An Accredited University

The fact that you have obtained a degree from an approved university is the first item you may include on your CV. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you have the requisite education to accomplish the job. It is the most crucial addition you can make to your CV. Many employers would not even consider job seekers who lack the necessary educational credentials. Furthermore, having a degree from an approved university can set you apart from other job candidates who may just have a high school diploma.

Work Experience


Work experience is another noteworthy accomplishment to add to your CV. This covers any labor, paid or unpaid, internships, and volunteer opportunities. It’s critical to organize your job experience chronologically, beginning with your most recent employment and moving backwards. Include the name of the employer, your work title, dates of employment, and a brief explanation of your responsibilities and obligations. It also allows you to highlight any promotions or increases you’ve gotten during your time at the organization. Also, if you have any relevant job experience, be sure to mention it on your resume. To get the most out of your interview, you can read more here.

Skills and Accomplishments

Skills and achievements are equally important achievements to put on your CV. This is particularly true if you have little job experience. List your accomplishments and talents to show potential employers that you have what it takes to succeed in the position. Use industry-specific keywords when listing your talents so that recruiters looking for people with certain skill sets may readily find your CV. It allows you to expound on your skills and demonstrate your potential to companies.

Worked Full-time For 10 Years


You can also mention that you’ve worked full-time for the past ten years. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you have the relevant experience to accomplish the job. It is also a very valuable addition to your CV. Since many people do not have ten years of full-time job experience, this will help you stand out. Furthermore, ten years is a long period, and it demonstrates your dependability and ability to stick with anything for the long haul.

Published Articles, Research Papers, Or Books In Your Field Of Expertise

This is an excellent approach to demonstrate your expertise in your subject. Include any articles, research papers, or books that you’ve written on your CV. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you know your stuff and are an expert in your subject. The “publish or perish” criterion is claimed to pertain to academics, although it may also apply to job seekers.

Leadership Positions In Professional Organizations

This is another wonderful approach to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your subject if you’ve had a leadership role in a professional group. This will help demonstrate to potential employers that you have leadership experience and can lead a team. Also, list any honors or awards you’ve received for your job on your CV. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you are a high achiever whose work is respected by your peers.

Holds a Patent


This is a fantastic accomplishment to have on your resume. A patent demonstrates your creativity and capacity to think beyond the box. Patents are also quite important, so if you have one, be sure to mention it on your resume. Many job searchers are unaware that patents may be listed on a CV, so if you have one, be sure to add it. Furthermore, having a link to the patent so that employers can immediately examine it is beneficial.

You’re Fluent In Another Language

If you speak another language fluently, this is an accomplishment to brag about on your resume. Being multilingual demonstrates that you are open-minded and can converse with individuals from other cultures. It also makes you more marketable and gives you an advantage over your competitors. If you’re looking for a job that needs bilingualism, make sure to include it on your CV.

You Volunteered For a Cause You’re Passionate About

If you’ve volunteered for a cause that you care about, this is an accomplishment that you should highlight on your resume. Employers are continuously on the lookout for people who want to make a difference. By putting this information on your CV, you demonstrate that you are searching for a meaningful career, not simply a job. It also distinguishes you from your competitors.

You Completed an Internship


An internship is a fantastic method to get your foot in the door of the field you want to work in. Include an internship on your CV if you completed one and left a favorable impression. This will demonstrate to employers that you have relevant experience and can flourish in the workplace. Many freshmen make the mistake of excluding their internships from their resume. Do not fall victim to this.

Furthermore, having a degree from an approved university can set you apart from other job candidates who may just have a high school diploma or graduated college with a college homework helper from a third-party resource.

Scholarships You Have Received

List any scholarships you’ve obtained, whether for academic or extracurricular achievements, on your CV. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you are well-rounded and have received recognition for your achievements. It shows that you are a high achiever who is likely to succeed in the workplace. Furthermore, it will distinguish you from other applicants who have not been awarded scholarships.


To summarize, the accomplishments listed above are the most important to include on your CV. You will impress potential employers and increase your chances of being recruited if you include these. Don’t forget to highlight your achievements on your CV!