Technology Make Your Company Profitable

If you have a small or medium-sized business, you’re probably always thinking of ways to attract new customers.

After all, the more sales you make, your company’s better. But, to make those sales, you must create unique content to attract viewers.

Nearly 70% of internet users feel that they want to know more about a company through content rather than traditional advertisements.

If you also wish to turn your business around completely and attract more audiences, here are some useful tips and tricks!

1. Partner up with other businesses


This is one of the best ways to reach more customers and make your brand look more desirable.

All you need to do is to partner up with a business that serves the same or similar clientele but in a different industry.

For example, if your brand sells clothes, partner up with a business that sells jewelry. Or collaborate with a charitable organization for a donation drive. This way, you both can help each other grow.

Make a list of all the shops or small businesses around you that might be interested in partnering up with you.

Reach out to them and discuss how you can help their existing client base. Similarly, see how their products can benefit your clients.

2. Offer discounts to new customers

Another popular method of making your brand known to others is offering discounts and attractive promotional offers.

For this, you must especially focus on people who have made their very first purchase from you. Since customers, even today, are looking for good values and deals, you can’t go wrong with offering a 5% discount on their next purchase.

If new customers see that you’re willing to lower the prices for their next shopping or you’re offering them a buy-one-get-one offer, they’ll like your products more.

Moreover, they’re much more likely to keep shopping from your business and recommend you to their social circle.

3. Hold events and workshops


This step will also make your business known to more and more people. Moreover, if you interact with your customers or other event attendees, people will automatically have a great impression of your brand.

If you don’t have too much of a budget, you don’t need to hold a fancy workshop. Anything that is interactive and can attract people will do.

For example, if your brand has decided to launch a new bakery, host an event where you highlight why people will love it and conduct a small bakery workshop alongside it.

4. Distribute business cards

You might feel that business cards have become obsolete. But in reality, they’re still helping thousands of businesses to make the right connection.

Today, you can easily promote your business using a virtual business card. You can simply share a QR code with the recipient with these cards. They’ll scan it on their smartphones and receive all the information you’d like to convey.

Unlike conventional business cards, virtual ones are an eco-friendly, safe alternative to paper-based business cards and can accommodate much more information.

5. Regularly update your website


Online searching is now one of the most popular ways for people to find your brand. This means your website needs to be updated and refreshed as frequently as possible so customers can easily access it.

You might also be familiar with SEO or search engine optimization. Well, if your website link is broken or nobody from your company has made any effort to update it, then your sales will plummet since Google won’t show you at the top of the results page.

Further, make your website interactive, fast, and mobile-optimized to attract more audiences.

6. Try word-of-mouth marketing

Every business owner knows how important keeping their existing customers happy is. After all, selling to them is much more cost-effective than figuring out new marketing methods for reaching out to untapped clients.

Moreover, this will also spread the news about your brand through them. Remember, word-of-mouth marketing costs nothing but can be as effective as any other method. All you have to do is set up a customer referral program in exchange for their loyalty.

7. Participate in community events


Most surveys have shown that people like to buy from brands participating in local community events.

No matter what your brand sells, you can always figure out some way to give back to the community.

For example, start a campaign where one tree is planted for every purchase. Or, one underprivileged child is given an item if your customers donate a bit while buying from you.

Not only will you form a strong impression on others, but your local environment will also benefit from your good deeds.

8. Recontact old customers

If you have a list of customers with whom you haven’t really done business in a while, it might be a good idea to recontact them.

You’ll receive honest feedback on why they stopped buying from your company and what you can do to make them return as a loyal customer to your cause.

For example, you can send them emails every quarter and select customers who haven’t contacted you for about a year.

Include a “We Miss You” message and offer them some kind of offer if they decide to come back. This way, you will again improve your client base.

9. Offer great customer service

Your business might sell amazing products, but customers won’t stay for long if the customer service is poor.

Every company’s motto is “The Customer is King,” but very few of them actually prove it to be true.

So, hire a team of dedicated customer service professionals who will promptly reply to any customer queries or grievances. Ensure that whoever handles clients is polite and quickly understands the problem.

On your website, include an AI chatbot that will send automated replies to customers when the support team is away.

Over to you

These are a few effective ways to make your business more attractive to clients. So don’t wait anymore and start following these tips!