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The world is full of people who seek some help with property deals, and ambitious real estate agents who are always here to suggest the best option. The only tiny thing that is left is to bring them together. In order to find clients, you as a real estate agent need to direct your marketing efforts towards compiling the database of potential customers, also called leads, who will want to use your services.

So here we go with the tips on how to attract more of these leads:

Grab ready-to-go leads

The easiest way to get leads for real estate for those who have no time to build their own database is to turn to companies that specialize in building the listings of prospects who seek to buy, rent or sell their properties. So at a reasonable price, you can quickly get the list of potential customers.

This way, you will be able to put your expertise into working with real people, rather than searching for them everywhere. Just make sure to carefully check the feedback and vet a company prior to using its services by using some reputable review websites like Another thing is that it’s easy to get contacts but some of them may be tired from cold calls from your competitors, that’s why you may need to put all your professionalism into convincing them that you are the right person to work with.

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Utilize your connections

It’s not a secret that the majority of clients are coming from people you know, because the trust is already established. So don’t be afraid to tell your relatives and friends that you are building a career in real estate. Share this information on your social media and don’t hesitate to offer your services if you see that someone in your environment is looking for help with their property. 

Develop your social network

The more people you know the higher are chances to meet your clients, so never miss an opportunity to meet new people. You can target your efforts to build professional relationships with people working in your niche or in a similar one by attending thematic events like workshops and masterclasses, partner with small businesses that provide services in accounting, cleaning, or insurance. Such partnerships are mutually beneficial and will be also fruitful for your potential customers if they need assistance from a specialist you can refer them to. 

Launch a digital presence

Nowadays, digitalization is in trend, and with several waves of lockdown is a powerful source of attracting new leads. So building your website is the first thing when it comes to growing your online exposure. Work on SEO optimization to improve your search rankings so that the clients can find you in search engines by looking for a real estate agent in your city, or other related topics. Most probably, you will be working with property located in some specific region and would want to attract the leads who are searching for the opportunities in this area. This requires a bit of effort including geo-specific keywords in the articles, embedding the map on your website, and creating the account in Google My Business to improve local SEO.

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Make sure to regularly publish some interesting blog posts about real estate, or share some useful tips on property management in newsletters. If you produce high-quality content, rest assured that the volume of inquiries from potential customers will be increasing. 

You can also join LinkedIn and Facebook communities to market your services, communicate with peers, and look for prospecting clients. Diversifying the content strategy to make use of as many social media channels as possible is a great solution at the start because all people have their preferences. While some of them actively monitor Twitter and Youtube, others tend to scroll the news feed in Instagram to catch attractive offerings. With time, you will be able to estimate the efforts and engagement level to check what is working best for your target audience and put more focus on some specific networks. 

Attend open house events

Open house parties work perfectly when it comes to earning new leads. Usually, people are visiting such events without an agent and often find one right there. Apart from that, you will be able to get in touch with the property owners and expand your listings by convincing them to work with you. That’s why by attending open houses, you may find a couple of potential clients that need your services and lead them through the way of real estate consulting and closing successful deals as well as getting the additional benefit of making new connections to expand your network.

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Adopt a CRM solution

It may be hard to keep up with all the requests especially if you are growing your client base. The more things there are on your plate the higher are chances to forget something. One of the key points in converting leads to customers is nurturing. You can nurture your leads with regular communication like sharing news about the services they are interested in, offering specific discounts, and engaging them into other marketing activities.

CRM solutions simplify the daily task management in real estate by offering you a one-stop place to have the contact list, manage individual profiles, and receive the reminders to send the update on a question you promised to check or drop an email to wish a Happy Birthday. With a CRM you will be able to create canned replies, exchange contracts, and divide your customer base into groups for a more personalized approach.

For sure lead generation process is not something that can be done overnight and requires a bit of effort combined with regularity. At the beginning of your career, it may be harder because you will need to spend more time to establish your brand, and work on your reputation as well as build your workflows to make operations running. But when done wisely, you’ll receive great leverage to grow your business.