The world is evolving, and so is real estate. Research shows that 90% of individuals use the internet to find their ideal property. Instead of spending hours traveling to and from properties, why not find out everything you need to know within minutes?

An online presence is not just an option for real estate businesses anymore, it’s a necessity. To build a strong presence you need to adopt multiple business practices such as:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Blogs and Affiliates
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Enlisting your listings on property portals
  • Call Tracking for Real Estate Businesses

A must-have tool for real estate agencies is Call Tracking. All the effort entrepreneurs put in to boost their online presence are wasted without a proper call tracking software. Call tracking software offered by companies like CallGear is exceptionally valuable and provides an in-depth analysis of your marketing campaigns.

Call tracking tools let you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and the calls they generate.

Why Real Estate Companies Must Track Phone Calls


Renting or purchasing a new apartment is a big deal. The interested personnel may find your listing online, but the maximum number of your leads are generated through phone calls.

A call tracking solution traces calls back to their specific campaigns (source). If a person is genuinely interested in finding a new place, they will be calling the real estate agent. This is one of the biggest investments of their lifetime, and trusting the internet is not usually an option.

When filling an online form, people are just entering the sales funnel. But when a potential lead picks up the phone to call your agency, they are ready to take that next step.

3 Call Tracking Tips for Real Estate Agencies

The first tip is to get a Call Tracking software. Other than that, the three tips mentioned below will be helpful in improving your marketing ROI.

Calculate the Effectiveness of your Campaigns


One thing that we can agree upon is the acquisition costs in the real estate industry are always high. So, any individual would advise real estate marketers to invest only in portals and media sources that bring in qualified leads.

Compare different statistics generated by your call tracking solution to analyze the origin of the lead. Your web analytics solution may be great, but it’s not enough to track phone calls back to their campaigns. What if a potential lead decides to call your agency instead of filling the survey form?

In this case, the form is the source where the lead was scored. But instead of filling the form, they simply took your details and gave you a call. Google Analytics alone cannot trace the origin of this call correctly.

To avoid any miscalculations like this, you need call tracking. It will allow you to measure all marketing efforts by assigning unique numbers to each campaign.

Make Optimum Use of Call Tracking Features

On your Call Tracking interface, a dashboard displays all the real-time information for your marketing campaigns. It includes statistical reports of all the tracked numbers and the number of calls generated to each campaign.

Using the dashboard, you can monitor all of your marketing campaigns effectively and compare them with ease. This allows real estate agencies to generate more leads and improve their ROI.

An additional feature you get with call tracking is the call history tab. You can view a list of the missed calls and call back potential clients as soon as possible. This improves conversion rates as the sooner customer support executives call back the leads, the better. Many top call tracking companies offer exciting features like CRM integrations.

So, if your business has an existing CRM system, you can integrate call tracking with your CRM to get maximum results. This allows you to manage all stages of the marketing funnel from leads to sales in one place.

Prioritize Channels Generating the Best ROI


If you’re a franchisee in real estate, you can use call tracking to your advantage by comparing ad performance over multiple channels. You can use the IVR features to create custom or standardized greetings for each agency and give customers a more furnished and professional image.

With the help of a single call tracking platform, you can measure the marketing performance of your franchise network. An important part of any business is knowing the ROI and relocating resources accordingly. Call tracking enables you to direct funds towards only the channels generating the best outcome for you.

It may sound cliché, but a properly optimized dashboard can help in tracking the success of individual franchisees easily.

The Bottom Line

A call tracking software can work wonders for your real estate business if you utilize it optimally. Take advantage of the variety of features and plugins available, monitor stats using your personalized dashboard, and invest more on the most promising listings.