Moving to a new house in a new part of the country can be a significant change for people looking to start new elsewhere. This can be stressful and expensive, but it does not always have to be. There are many options for making the jump to a new life, and you can hire movers, toss everything and start over fresh, or move. Around Canada, many companies will gladly rent you moving trucks, storage containers, or vans, and almost all of them come equipped with an E-Track system.

Many people may already be familiar with the concept of an E-Track system but may not know the name or what it does. Inside many moving vans and trucks, there is a horizontal strip of metal with notches cut into it. These notches accept specially shaped straps to secure furniture and even attach poles and fittings to create custom shelving and storage solutions. More about them, you can find at

In Canada specifically, almost half of all households have moved at some point in the last five years or intend to do so within the next five. That is a lot of movement and Canada, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Many people cannot afford to hire a private moving company whenever they want to live somewhere new, so the self-moving industry is a huge one and has much competition.


The self-moving technology is what really helps those individuals that wish to do it themselves. Many companies can provide everything needed to make a move, such as straps, hooks, boxes, loading dollies, and all sorts of hardware associated with the E-Track system and moving in general.

Another thing that these companies can provide for use with the E-Track system is load bars. Load bars are incredibly sturdy bars made of steel or aluminum, and they are made to fit into the grooves on the system. One advantage of the load bars is that they lock into place and help secure, organize, and stack items. You can build your shelving using these highly versatile bars.

They are adjustable to fit across the span of most standard trucks and trailers for a securely mounted barrier. Since they can be adjusted makes them highly useful, and they are easy to remove and place as the sizes of moving material change. Cargo locks are another specialized tool that can come in handy using the E-Track system. The square-shaped bars are ideal for securing large cargo.

E-Track systems have many advantages when it comes to moving, as they have a huge number of accessories that can be employed based on the job at hand. Above, it was mentioned about load bars, hooks, cargo locks, and the like, but that is far from all. Load locks are another major piece of the line-up, and they have many practical applications. These accessories are comprised of aluminum or steel, and like load bars, are adjustable and lock directly into the grooves made by the E-Track system.


They are collapsible and expandable to give the perfect fit, and they are also incredibly strong. While exhibiting great strength, they also have the advantage of being very simple to operate, even one-handed or while wearing gloves. They employ a trigger system that can release easily for adjustment, extension, or removal.

In addition to all these products, companies can also provide the vans or trucks equipped with these systems or even deliver an entire storage container to your location. This allows the homeowner to pack up at their leisure and not worry about the rush of a rental van.

Once they are all packed up, they can contact the company to arrange a pickup, and the company will then relocate the storage container to the new location, in which the homeowner can once again unpack at their own pace. This is a wonderful solution for those that wish to move, and even better, many of these options also employ the E-Track system for use within.

Moving can be quite a hassle, but nowadays, there is no reason that it must be overly complicated or expensive. Many companies are in the business of moving and assisting others with their moving needs, and in Canada, the business is good.

With such a large percentage of people moving and relocating all over the country, it is no wonder that so many of them are coming up with new and inventive ways to serve the self-service industry. If moving yourself just does not sound like a good time, people will always be available to hire, and almost certainly will be using the E-Track system in the vehicles that they drive.


The E-tracks systems can be delivered at home. E-track load bars might be utilized alongside the length of the trailer with one rail. It is a boon for the truck drivers who are looking for ways to reduce shifting load. The ones that are horizontally placed are used to steadying objects like shovels, lumbers, or ladders that are usually scattered on the ground. So, they may also be described as a safeguarding tool.

If they are installed along with the wall studs of a garage, they can prove helpful for hanging all types of tools. Smaller e-track systems may be used for mounting over utility carts. They are beneficial for warehouses. They can also be used alongside snap hooks.

They also help in fleet optimization. Drivers are always concerned about the safe delivery of their goods. They aim to make damage-free delivery. E-Truck systems are available in different lengths to fulfill the requirement of the customer. They have a galvanized finish, so that they do not get eroded in the long run.

They can also be bought individually if the user needs it for only one piece of equipment. E-truck systems work with many tie-down objects. Installing them securely is critical. Hence, only professionals should try installing them.

Apart from lead bars, vertical e-tracks are also available. They have parallel points for attaching. Their profiles are narrower compared to the horizontal racks. Horizontal e-tracks have tracks that move perpendicularly to the track rail. It ensures that we get space to store more objects like extra tires.

Modern technology has made it possible to get self-tapping screws. They help in attaching the e-tracks to studs. If installed well, it helps in the secure delivery of goods. They even protect goods against lasting damage.


They can also be used for sheds, shelves, or barns. The slots that they have been known as e-track slots. The company named Eriksson is a reputed manufacturer of e-tracks. They can also be cut lengthwise according to the product for which it is being used. They have slots 2.45 inches long and .58 inches wide. The vertical e-tracks are an excellent source to support shoring beams. Except for the 2-foot e-rack, others weight 6000 pounds. This massive weight ensures that they are capable of handling heavy equipment.

It has been designed to fit smoothly within the cargo. It had initially been invented to prevent a movement of loads in cargo. Nowadays, it is used everywhere. It is primarily used to stop the equipment from moving around while it is being shipped. They are simply designed, but the material is durable. All the e-track rails are made of sturdy steel.

E-track straps are a popular option among e-track tie-down. They can be inserted and taken out of the e-track slots smoothly. They ensure damage-free delivery of the product. Also, they prevent the equipment from rolling around in transit.