We have a lot of essential details and messages on our phones.  You are most likely to use the phone daily to store voice mails, take pictures, send messages, use it for social media, and many more. Here is a situation where an invincible person has access to the most critical personal data. The idea of it is intriguing and can cause discomfort at the thought of it since most people are discreet with their phones.

With the rise of hackers and viruses created by people who mine data for sale or just for the fun of it has made it hard to be sure of our privacy. There are, however, some visible signs that, can show you that your phone is being monitored or tracked.

These signs can vary from one phone to another, but most are quite synonymous and can easily be detected.

Here is a list of ten ways you can know whether your device is under surveillance. (On the contrary, if you want to know how to monitor other people’s mobile phones, you can visit TTSPY to learn more.)

1. The data usage is too high


Unusually high monthly data, which is different from the usual charges, can be a sure sign of being monitored. These charges can arise from spy apps installed in your phone by someone.

Significant data amount can be consumed by these software tools because they take your personal information from your phone.

Nonetheless, high-quality spy software often uses fewer data to get information. So this can make it very difficult to tell whether it is installed or not on your phone.

2. Stand by mode, but still, there is a background activity

Apart from messages, incoming calls, and standard notification, when your phone is on standby, it is supposed to remain like that without any other action.  Sounds or unexpected alarm bells can tell you that your phone is under surveillance.

Also, sudden noises or sounds should ring the alarm bells that something is wrong.

3. Phone rebooting Unexpectedly

Phones reboot for a couple of reasons, but if it automatically reboots, then it is being controlled.  Someone can reboot your phone from a remote location.

4. Unexplained sounds During Calls

Traditional phones were always unstable but without any crazy background noises.

Nonetheless, with today’s strong signals and the network, it is surprising if there are some noises while on the phone. Any disruptions from your calls are a sure sign of distortion caused by the spy software.  If the voices are coming from the other side of the person you are conversing with; then you are being tapped.

5. Unexpected messages on your phone


Messages that you cant relate with can also be a sign of being monitored.

Mostly these messages are designed with crazy signs, numeric sequences, or some other characters that show a spy software possibility on your phone.

Most low-quality spying software has these code language that looks weird.

6. Battery life keeps dropping

A ubiquitous sign of your phone being monitored is the battery life. This means that there is too much background activity consuming your battery life. A third party device receives your data from your phone using the installed spy software on your phone. Just like the above-discussed data usage if your battery percentage reduces very first abnormally, then it is the spy software.

These software record your data through a speaker or camera, which consume a lot of battery life.

This can be further noticed more so if your battery is still new but cannot keep a charge for long like it used to. Unless it is a fake one but that can be a sign of being monitored.

7. Idle mode but the Battery Temperature is too hot

The most obvious sign is when your battery gets hot, yet your phone is on idle mode.  Well, it could also be due to different technical problems, but mostly it is some background activity taking place.

Nonetheless, when your phone is ever hot, yet you are not using it, then it could be the problem of your device being monitored.

8. Shut downtime is increased


Just like a computer that usually closes active processes when you shut it down. A phone also uses the same technique. All active processes on your phone will be closed once you shut down your phone. So when your phone takes time to close down, it means that there is spy software transmitting data to other devices.

This is true more so when you actively use your device.

For example, when you have sent a message or calls, and you decide to switch off your phone, but it takes time as compared to the standard time it is supposed to take while switching off. This only means that there is a background data siphoning activity going on.

9. Your phone doesn’t seem to shutdown

When switching off your phone becomes a problem, then you are being monitored. Mostly, spy software loves running at the background hence making it hard to shut it down completely. The backlight of your phone might still be on while your phone is switched off. That’s a sure sign.

10. Your device is getting slower and slower


These days phones have powerful software and hardware that make them function better and quicker.  A smartphone can work faster despite having many apps. But when your device starts misbehaving going slow and taking time to open specific apps, it is being monitored or controlled.


Having your phone tapped is crazy and can be disturbing because we have seen celebrities compromising pictures being leaked to the public. But this can be solved by being vigilant with what type of apps you let installed on your phone. Most of these spy software come in the form of the apps we love downloading. Always be sure to counter check on the apps and avoid clicking on any link you see. These links automatically download malware that can be used to spy your phone activities. You can always secure your phone by going to Google settings for those who use androids and disable installing apps from unknown sources. It helps in scrutinizing the type of apps you are installing in your phone.