Price monitoring is a beneficial business strategy, especially in the e-commerce industry with highly volatile and fierce competition. Tracking competitor’s prices have rapidly become a norm to keep up with the rapidly changing business landscape and be on pace with the latest trends.

Price is a significant factor that influences consumers’ buying decisions. It also plays a big part in an entrepreneur’s business plans and makes current and future business decisions.

Price monitoring is a game-changer for companies that have begun implementing it. Tracking prices have allowed them to keep up with their rivals and has significantly saved their resources. By being aware of the competition’s current pricing, they could develop solutions to match and even improve their business performance.

Read on as we give you more information about price monitoring and why it is important. Plus, we’ll guide you on how you can find the best price monitoring solution to help you scale your business.

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What is Price Monitoring and Why is It Important?


Price monitoring or price intelligence is simply tracking and analyzing your competitors’ prices. Through price monitoring, one can analyze and evaluate the price and products of his direct and indirect opponent.

It aims to analyze competitors’ prices to create and improve your pricing strategies and stay competitive in your industry. Once you set and adjust prices according to the present market situation, you remain relevant and reasonable enough for the consumers to patronize you.

Prices are invaluable indicators of the global micro and macroeconomic trends. Price monitoring provides you with a clear understanding of the current and future business trends and prepares you for the coming economic changes.

Price monitoring is equally important for traditional and digital enterprises. Physical stores and potential e-commerce customers can quickly check and compare prices and would often choose to go with the best market offer – the cheapest one there is.

Given the importance of this process, especially for products and services with a highly competitive market, you need to have a reliable price monitoring tool.

What are the Challenges in Price Monitoring?


Despite all these crucial benefits, price monitoring comes with its own challenges. For one, geo-location data provides pricing information from various websites depending on geographic location. By having information available only from a particular location, you risk accessing inaccurate pricing information.

There are also concerns about geo-location-based data’s authenticity and reliability. Despite analysis and resources, duplicate data can’t be avoided resulting in low-quality and unreliable pricing statistics.

Another big challenge in price monitoring is how some businesses obscure their prices making price matching and monitoring even harder. Some e-commerce stores also vary their layouts, making it hard to gather their prices.

Having unusable dirty data due to shoddy quality control in data entry is also a possibility. That’s why it is essential to find the best price monitoring solution to help you gather new and accurate information whenever needed.

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What to Look for in a Price Monitoring Tool?


An automated price monitoring system will be an excellent help for any business to gather valuable data and in real-time, saving you and your company the daunting tasks of manual price monitoring.

When you have a price monitoring tool in place, you can update your prices at the right time without jeopardizing your market position. A reliable price monitoring solution seamlessly delivers quality data.

It should bring updated, quality, and ready-to-use pricing information crucial for business whenever you need it. Further, it must be agile enough to extract pricing data regardless of the competitor’s website layout.

With the myriad of price monitoring tools in the market, easy software usage and interface must also be a factor to consider. Going with a system that creates ease of use and efficient performance is necessary.

Aside from having prices in real-time, you must also analyze these numbers and come up with reports and solutions to bring meaning to the data at hand. The right kind of price intelligence system must also be easy to comprehend to allow you to get a clear understanding of the information provided in a short amount of time.


Price monitoring is fast becoming a critical business necessity. Having price monitoring software can greatly leverage your position in the e-commerce business.

It is crucial for any business to successfully integrate accurate and timely data into their business plan and operation in today’s day and age. Real-time pricing information can significantly drive business decisions and tactics to ensure business success.