There is a thing called entrepreneurship, which essentially allows you to become a business owner by taking financial risks to gain profits.

Becoming an entrepreneur is possible in a country such as the United States, where any person can work or be whatever the person wants. Entrepreneurship is even more accepted with the current business climate in America. Not only can you open your own business, but you can also set it up to reside solely on the internet.

Many business owners choose to work only through the internet, liberating them from the needs of owning an office and even employees, which can be very costly ultimately.

The World Wide Web is a wonderful place that allows you to separate from the traditional way of working and throw you into something entirely different.

In this article, we are going to talk about certain aspects of owning an online business. Some of these aspects will touch on how to your own business on the World Wide Web, while others will touch on other more liberating aspects.

Becoming an Online Business Owner


A lot of people in the US work hard to be where they are. You might think America is the land of the free and home of the brave, but it’s not easy living an American.

A lot of people are so caught up in their work that these people literary find no time for their personal lives. Truly, some people cannot balance work and life, and this is a problem that is plaguing the United States.

However, there might be a silver lining in the form of remote work. Remote work, by definition, means that you don’t have to be present in your company’s offices to work. Remote work can eighter be permanent or temporary, but it is something that is growing hugely popular.

Although not everyone has the opportunity to work remotely, those that do find it a blessing.

But, as there is always a “but” in there somewhere, there is another venue that you can explore that will give you all the freedom you need. And that is the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web has opened countless doors for any entrepreneurial spirit. Not only can you become a business owner on the internet, but you can offer your services or products to a wider audience.

This is rarely possible if you are working in an office, although not impossible. However, there is another thing that an online business can help you, and we will touch on it right now.

An Online Business Can Liberate You


A lot of people take issue with working for someone and being nowhere with their career. Safe to say, some people have sh**ty jobs or certain needs that a job prevents them from fulfilling.

Some people hate traveling every day to work and back, others hate their boss, and some hate their job itself. An online business liberates you in the sense that you can escape the traditional way of working, be location free (you can work from anywhere) and live wherever you want.

You can be an online business owner and live in the woods for all you want; all that you need is a solid internet connection.

But is becoming a business owner in the online world really that hard? Well, we beg to differ and we’re even going to tell you how to do it.

How to Start an Online Business


First Step

According to John Spencer Ellis, a successful online business owner that teaches people how to own the internet and be successful through it, the first thing you need to start your business is a structure.

When it comes to structuring, you have two options to pick. The most common one, that requires no paperwork what so ever, is a sole proprietorship.

The second one is a limited liability company or a limited liability corporation (LLC).

Second Step

Once you’ve informed yourself on which is better for you, it’s now time to choose a name and buy a domain name for your new online business. When deciding on naming the business, you should make sure that the name in question is available as a domain name. Most domains typically end on “.com” and there are popular websites that allow you to inquire about a specific domain.

Third Step

As with anything in life, there is a catch. Before even deciding on the structure of your business, name, and domain, you must decide what you will be selling. You can skip this last part if you already know the answer to what you’ll sell. But, every business, especially the ones in the online world, need to offer people something which will make them come over to their website. This is especially important if you’re going to make it your life’s work.

There is a thing in the online world called a “niche”. A niche will be the thing that your online business specializes in selling. Your business could be specialized in selling power tools, flowers, and even an eCommerce store. Your business could also specialize in offering people a service. This could be anything you could think of, but the most important thing is to be good at it.

Lastly, you have to do your research regarding the market viability of your niche and conduct market research. As you will be residing on the World Wide Web, it’s important that you “sell” something that will be viable. This could, ultimately, make or break your business, which will essentially lead to other problems; problems that we discussed earlier.

Do all the necessary research as this is something that you would definitely want to succeed. Becoming your own boss means that you hold the key to your success. Not only are you in charge of your success but the harder you work the more successful you’ll be.

Ultimately, this would liberate you from having to go to work, will allow you to break the traditional life-work barrier, allow you to work from anywhere in the world, and free you of things that will no longer serve you professionally, personally, and even financially.