It’s commonly known that sharing a meal can bring people together, and that generally, food just tends to make people happy. But does that translate well into the working world? The short and sweet answer is yes, indeed does!

A number of businesses are realizing the benefits of providing employees with free food. It’s become such a popular trend that both small and large businesses alike are doing it. Whether it’s a daily thing or a treat on Fridays, companies are seeing an actual benefit to investing in corporate catering for their employees.

Check this out if you’re interested in seeing what a professional, quality caterer can offer. Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why free food for employees works.

Showing Appreciation


Studies have shown that employees tend to feel more appreciated and valued when the company they work for provides free food. It’s basically a gesture that says, “I appreciate all the work you do,” and helps employees feel engaged with and recognized by their employers.

And of course, anyone who feels appreciated is going to be happier to do their work, and will be more likely to work harder. With this in mind, it’s not only a good gesture but also a strategic move to boost motivation.

Motivated and Energetic

As already mentioned, appreciation will lead to more motivated employees, but there’s also the simple fact of the matter that food makes people happy. Feeling stressed out or need an energy boost? Sounds like it’s time to have a snack.

Providing employees with healthy snacks is a great way to give them more energy and get them through a tough afternoon. Even if it’s just a fruit tray, they’ll appreciate the effort and the sustenance.

Bringing People Together


Sharing a meal is a great way to bring people together. Team members can build stronger relationships while chatting during a snack break or when sitting down to eat in the break room.

Taking a break and socializing is not only healthy and helpful for forming bonds, but it’s also a great way for team members to communicate, share ideas, and exchange important company information. Little gatherings like these go a long way towards developing company culture.

Saving Time

Depending on your office location, it can be a real hassle for employees to get out and grab a meal. Sometimes they can be gone for longer than intended, especially if there is traffic or slowdowns when purchasing food.

By providing catered meals, you eliminate the need for employees to leave the workspace and potentially be gone for longer than is necessary. You also reduce the stress of them feeling like they have to rush to eat; instead, they can take their time knowing that they can get back to work right away if necessary.

A Number of Benefits

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There really are a number of benefits to investing in corporate catering for your employees. If you want to boost morale, improve company culture, and retain more employees, then it’s definitely a worthwhile endeavour to explore.