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If you are frantically searching for the right business to no avail, don’t lose hope. Through the modernization of technology, there are several businesses that you can try at your home. It is one of the practical ways to have a balanced life for it offers flexible time between your work and social life.

Here are some of the best online business that you can’t miss trying:

1. Freelance Business

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This type of business is becoming a trend for most workers these days. It allows you to make a reasonable income by advertising your skills and utilizing it to your maximum potential. It is universal and convenient as it gives you the advantage of working from home.

There are several websites that you can try to start up your freelance business, such as Fiverr, Up work,, and many more. They have a long list of skill categories that you can choose from. You can name your price and upgrade it over time. You manage your schedule, and it is hassle-free.

2. Create your own website base on skills

You do did not want to work in a different marketplace, but you still have a lot of experience, another hand freelancing marketplace is quite difficult when you just join. So here is the idea. Suppose you have good skills in Photoshop, then you can make your own website and give service.

How its work? First, you create your own website, create some service page like clipping path service, image masking service, photo retouching service, drop shadow service, etc. then create all social account base on your brand names such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all popular social platform then just marketing your own website on a different platform. is a good example of how you can start with these essential things in this business.

3. Blogger

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If you have excellent skills in writing and impressive humor, blogging might be your best option. You can choose your content depending on what values or message you want to impart to your readers. You can write at home and manage your time. Aside from this, you can earn by adding advertisements, affiliate marketing, info-graphics, etc.

Either you will use it for a personal blog or business blog, both can allow you to earn money. As for beginners, this is one of the easiest ways to start without considering much of your investment.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can be the boss of your own business. All you need to do is market products/services in your way and acquire a commission for every sale. You can create your website to do this, or you can sign to several affiliate programs. It is very simple to manipulate.

There are several networks that you can join to expand your business, such as Amazon, eBay, click bank, etc. You can also use your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. There is no start-up cost, it is legit, and you don’t need to produce or deliver a product.

5. Social Media Manager

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One of the most accessible way to earn money at home. If you have social media accounts and love to browse and search, then you are qualified to be a social media manager. Your main task is to manage your client’s social media platforms and make it as attractive as possible. You need to track information and make it updated every time. It gives you the privilege to interact with many people, developing your communication skills.

Being a social media manager doesn’t require a lot of skills. In fact, you can use your smartphone to do this business.

6. Freelance Writer

If you have a talent in writing, you can use it as your online business. Managing a blog can be overwhelming to some people, and you can help them by being their writers. There is no start-up cost for this job. It is usually free. The most important requirement that you need to have is excellent grammar skills. You can write anytime at home.

Several platforms offer a good deal. You can try to join iWriter, Textbroker, Upwork, and a lot more. Some of them pay weekly, which is a great advantage, especially for young professionals.

7. Virtual Assistant

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Do you have great organization skills? If yes, you can use this skill to earn money. To be a virtual assistant, your responsibility is to organize your clients’ schedules, emails, and meetings. It is very in demand these days as businesses keep increasing. You can work from home, choose your schedule, and wear your most comfortable clothes.

You can set your rates for this job. The basic requirements are simple such as having a computer or laptop, a good internet connection, and excellent communication skills. It is one of the most flexible business online. has a list of excellent VA courses online you can take to get started.

8. YouTube Vlogger

Take advantage of the power of media and be a vlogger on YouTube. This type of job can allow you to engage with other people worldwide. A lot of successful vloggers started small using their smartphones, but now, they are earning thousands on YouTube.

It requires creativity along producing your content. You can invest a little by designing your room or any part of your house where you want to take a video.

Your income increases by getting a lot of views and subscribers. You can also accept brand collaborations and advertisements over time. Vlogging can make your business fun and exciting.