Programming is part of every business, no matter what industry you are part of. It helps improve the software, to create better products, error-free items, and to help users have a better experience. There are a lot of different types of programming, and lately, both experts and users have been debating if object-oriented programming is still number one, or if functional programming (FP) is taking over, you can learn more about that on this link.

We already know that both types are helping the businesses, and they are helping the industries advance, but now we are looking for something that is going to be easier to use, apply and that is going to take less time to finish. We know that deadlines are extremely important, and we cannot sell faulty items or software. In this article, we are going to help you learn how functional programming can become a business advantage. We are also going to give you more information on the pros of this computing and why you should incorporate it into your company.

Understand the code with ease


One thing that most people struggle with is understanding the code. With FP, the code that is written is shorter, better, and far easier to understand. Even if you have basic knowledge of computing, you will be able to read the lines that have been written by the programmer. When people can understand what the code is about, it is easier to know what can be and what cannot be done.

One constant problem that developers face is not being able to explain to their clients why certain things cannot be done. With the use of FP in your business, you will have no problem telling your clients which things are possible, and which things need to be changed in order for them to work.

Safe and Secure Software


We all know how important it is for the software to be error-free. When we present a project that is filled with bugs, is lagging, or is not showing the needed information, we risk losing clients. When we sell something, the users expect to get what they paid for, without the need to contact customer support all the time.

For example, FP is used in most websites, so if you sell someone a site or an app that should make their experience better, there cannot be any errors. No one wants to lose clicks, ads, and with that, money just because something was not working properly.
Security is a huge deal as well because when someone uses our website to buy certain things, we have to assure them that their information is safe, secure and that it won’t be shared with anyone. According to, the use of FP helps programmers develop apps that can be integrated with the existing payment systems. This makes the platforms safer and the users happier without subjecting them to any risk.

Developers say that FP is pretty much bulletproof because it consists of different tasks and projects that are protected separately. This means that if a hacker tries to take over the website or the app, they will have to go through too many firewalls as suggested by These things are protecting the users’ data and there is almost no way for someone to steal valuable information. On the other hand, other types of coding are easier to break into and change if needed. With the use of FP, everything your business knows and owns will be safely stored and is almost impenetrable. Even though there are some ways for someone to access your data, the chances are slim to none.



For the software to be presented without any errors, bugs, or mistakes, everything should be tested at least a few times. With FP, developers can work on separate tasks at the same time, and they don’t depend on each other. This means that they can conduct their own tests and check if everything is working properly.

The difference between FP and most of the other coding languages is that with FP, the whole testing process is easier, better, and faster. Every part of the project is being tested as the developers write their lines, and in case a mistake is found, they can correct it without jeopardizing the rest of the code. This, of course, saves a lot of time and a lot of coding.

Another thing that is important is that parts of the code can be reused for other purposes, which makes the whole process a lot easier and faster.

Once every developer is done with their parts of the projects, everything is put in one place. Then, another set of testing is done, to make sure that everything is working together properly. When several people are doing things at the same time, the finished product will be done faster. That means that your business can sell its products faster than the competition, and you can present software and applications that are error-free.


Even if a mistake is noticed in the latest stage, fixing the code is extremely easy, and when things need to be checked one last time, that won’t take days. With OOP, developers have to spend a lot of time looking for errors, and if something goes wrong, they have to spend even more time fixing everything up.

Before you decide that this is the right way to write all of your programs, you should know that for this computing you need people with the right skills. Nowadays, not many programmers are experts in this field, so you need to find someone who can create codes using functional programming. You should also know that this language is not fit for small businesses and projects that don’t require a lot of different parts and tasks.

Before deciding to change your software and the way your business works, you should always consult with a professional and see if you are going to get the best deal possible. Functional computing is amazing and it is going to help us advance more than we’ve ever hoped. However, just like in everything else, there is still room for improvement and you need to wage your options before changing every system in your company.