NFTs are all over the news these days; You can make an NFT item out of anything: videos, graphics, music, and even voice recordings.

NFT is a kind of cryptocurrency that was created with the same mathematical formulas as Ethereum or any other blockchain tech. The distinction is that you cannot trade these NFTs for the same item — each non-fungible token is one of its kind.

To make an NFT, you as an animator have to choose an NFT platform in the first place. Next, get yourself a crypto wallet or connect an existing one in order to complete transactions.

When it’s all set, you can finally upload your animation in your preferred format. Most NFT platforms and marketplaces allow a wide range of supported formats, but if you don’t want to dig deeper, you might as well just upload your animation in PNG or GIF. Next, set a price and add a compelling description.

Finally, all you have to do to profit from it is to promote your non-fungible token everywhere they can.

Advantages of animated NFTs


If you chase exclusivity, you can save the authenticity of your creation using NFT. By turning it into an NFT, you will ensure no one can copy or steal your work. Even if someone manages to recreate your art, it won’t be original and thus, will have significantly less value on the crypto market.

You can also receive generous royalties if you choose to partner with NFT exchanges and any NFT project that needs unique motion graphics. The project will use it, and you will receive nice money for every time your work is required.

Another important thing we need to mention is that most NFTs are static ‒ images, text, pages, and more. Animated NFTs, however, are rarer to meet ‒ they are more difficult to create, and their value is a lot higher.

Disadvantages of NFTs


Sure, almost any blockchain technology is great and safe, but still, there are some complaints left. It’s see what are the most common disadvantages of creating and trading animated NFTs.

High energy consumption. A lot of power is required to create, mint, and sell an NFT ‒ most convenient computers have troubles with system capacities

Just like that, you also get another problem ‒ a global warning.

It’s very time-consuming to create something truly unique, protect it, and then keep up with prices and the crypto market overall.

All in all, animated NFTs are kind of reshaping the video-making industry, making it more sophisticated and interesting to keep up with.

How exactly can a lively video be NFT?


NFTs are an extraordinary opportunity for creators, artists and essentially anyone who works in the innovative enterprise to monetize the outcomes of their labors without the usage of traditional monetary establishments. How?

For instance, in case you are a painter or digital artist or fashion designer, you could be for your own. There isn’t any want to search for not unusual ways to make a little money out of your professional hobby. Now you can sell it as an NFT.

This is Dragon, and he is the maximum costly crypto cat within the international

As you would possibly parent it out, in our age of constant recreating and postmodern copying the whole lot, making something as an NFT is setting a label – “that is unique”. If we make an animated video and give it inside the shape of NFT, its distinctiveness will become completely valid.

If you’re making animation, too, here’s a small pick out for you:

Get a virtual wallet that allows you to keep NFTs and cryptocurrencies;

Choose a market. This is the place in which you will list your NFT.

Create the NFT!

Any lively video may be NFT.

Can you promote this article as NFT?

Well… in case you men insist… Yes, we can make it NFT, but it’s just an editorial in the meantime. However, considering the fact that it’s miles virtual, we can tokenize it and respectfully hand it to your collection (when you have one). For what it’s worth, make a request!

Some afterthoughts


You ought to accept as true with me right here: the animation video as NFT sounds cool in the acute. Even in case you don’t want to be on the same web page, open your ear to the outdoors. After that humans have spent more than two hundred million shopping for NFTs (inclusive of no longer only cool works of art like animation videos that we cautioned but additionally internet junk like memes and GIFs) in the course of this year. Above all, compare this with 2020 and $250 million for the complete 12 months.

This truly indicates that this era goes to be an incredible part of destiny. And, once more: would you like to have a lively video as NFT? Make a request!

NFT isn’t always standing on its own, it is really a part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum? Yes, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, but it is also a platform that helps buyers to make transactions.

Essentially speaking, NFTs are very much like proudly owning a bodily object, however in its digital form. Instead of purchasing a real component, you have become a virtual equivalent of it. You end up a proprietor with specific rights to the object.

This is some other interesting part of NFT: there is only one proprietor to be.