An email has been around for many years now and we’ve grown to like it a lot. It’s safe to say that it is irreplaceable. It’s an incredibly effective way of communication and it’s a great way for businesses to reach their customers. However, every good thing in life comes with some downsides as well. New security threats are being introduced constantly and we need to be aware of them and learn how to defend ourselves. Many businesses that are attacked, never manage to repair the damage and return to the market and the reason for that is either poor prevention plan or poor recovery plan.

The majority of cyberattacks happen via email. People tend to trust their inboxes, but the truth is that not everything you receive is safe. Malware attacks such as spear-phishing, whale phishing, ransomware, and similar malware attacks can damage the company’s reputation, drain its budget, interrupt business operations, and put them out of business. The main way to prevent that from happening is by educating the employees and spreading the word about the risks of improper use of email. Knowledge is the best defense. However, a lot is in the software and hardware as well.

There are numerous hosted email security services that can help keep your inboxes safe and here we listed some of the best ones that won’t cost you a lot. Email security as a service offered by third-party companies has developed out of a need for security experts that businesses usually can’t afford. Outsourcing has proven itself as a cheaper and effective option.



They offer protection from phishing attacks and can keep your information secured by preventing employees from visiting malicious websites. One way to prevent the attacks is by educating employees about the dangers of clicking on suspicious links and visiting suspicious websites, and the other is by preventing them from visiting them entirely.

You can receive an instant alert when you’re about to visit a suspicious link. Every clicked link is instantly checked against numerous URL reputation databases keeping you away from harmful phishing attacks. Read more about their services on



Another useful yet inexpensive cloud-based email security platform that is dedicated to protecting your company from attacks. They secure your internal communication and prevent data leaks. Not only that, but they will reduce your potential downtime and prevent any data loss. will also protect your company from social-engineered attacks that attempt to impersonate some of your partners, staff, or familiar internet brands who people tend to trust. Impersonation is the best way of extracting sensitive data and money from users and businesses.



They promise to protect your business via a multi-faceted approach that will protect your entire email infrastructure. Numerous CPU-intensive tasks won’t interfere with your email performance as everything is done in the cloud at Furthermore, cloud-to-cloud backup keeps your data protected from accidental or malicious deletion.



Email security services provided by will protect you from credential phishing and impersonation across email and cloud. They can help you with locking down the access to files in the cloud, prevent data loss and archive everything important. You can also get help with training your employees by introducing threat simulations and security awareness training.