Hiring the right e-commerce marketing company is a decision only you can make. For you to be reading this article, it means you want to hire the services of a reputable e-commerce marketing agency, and you are confused because you don’t know what to look out for; worry no more; this article will do justice to that.

E-commerce has redefined the retail business meaning businesses can now reach out to customers, especially prospective customers, and sell their products and services on a larger scale.

For your product to be seen by all, you need to hire the excellent service of a direct-to-consumer marketing agency that will fetch you new customers and help you drive sales.

Be on the lookout for an e-commerce marketing agency that has and is working for all business types ranging from small to medium and large businesses.

Since there are a lot of marketing agencies out there, choosing the best ecommerce marketing company might be challenging; in this article, we’ve put together five (5) things you need to know before you hire an e-commerce marketing company.

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Hire The Services Of An E-commerce Company

For you to know if any e-commerce marketing company is legit, you need to ask vital questions as shown below;

1. Who Are Your Ideal Clients?


The sales process is when the e-commerce marketing agency and its prospective client decide if their relationship will be mutually valuable.

You need to evaluate your compatibility with the marketing agency you want. Asking the company to describe their ideal customers and the criteria involved in choosing clients they work with will help you gain insight as to if the agency best suits your brand.

The company should be able to describe a brand that sounds like yours; if they do, they have all the needed experience to handle your business needs.

2. What Are Your Core Competencies?

This question is vital in determining if the agency can deliver the specific services needed for your business to thrive.

Some e-commerce marketing companies focus on a particular niche or specialization; some focus solely on social media management and strive to be the best in that field, while others focus on email marketing, website optimization, high-converting content, etc.

In summary, you need an e-commerce marketing company whose core competencies align with your business needs.

3. Ask To Talk To Clients They Are Currently Working With

Ensure you communicate with the company’s other clients before signing any contract.


You can ask for at least three references – beware of references they initially just started working with as they are still in the honeymoon phase.

Genuine marketing agencies will be willing to give you references in the final stages of their sales process, i.e., if they are serious about working with you.

4. Does The Marketing Company’s Team Fit With My Business’s Personality?

You need to partner with a reputable ecomm marketing company that has equal values to your business values.

Find out if they are friendly, fun, analytical, or cold- a bit of this personality might significantly align with your business. It sounds too easy, but great characters form the foundation for business success.

Will They Work With You To Plan And Achieve Your Set Business Goals? Good e-commerce marketing agencies are strategic planners. For instance, Forge Digital Marketing, and Shopify marketing agency have a defined marketing strategy that is inclusive and expansive – this enables them to think of ways to tackle your business challenges beyond converting customers and generating leads.

Every action they take should relate to your company’s vision; you do not want an agency rowing in an entirely different lane.

Strategies E-commerce Marketing Company Use


Automation is a requirement when running an e-commerce store because many tasks must be done at all times. We will look at strategies most Marketing companies use to help businesses thrive.

1) Search Engine Optimization(SEO): For your e-commerce store to rank organically on SERP(Search Engine Result Page), you need to have a perfect SEO strategy. Below lies few ways e-commerce marketing companies help your online store rank high on search engines;

  • Run an SEO audit (Ubersuggest).
  • Make your online store website mobile friendly.
  • Create a Google Business Profile to strengthen your store’s SEO game.
  • Incorporate Google Page speed insights; this helps optimize page load time.
  • Integrate Google Keyword Planner; it performs keyword research and helps identify keywords you want your online site to rank for.
  • List down all categories, blog posts, products, and pages.
  • Help set up your unique website on Google Search Console.
  • Fix all technical errors, e.g., duplicate pages.

2) Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO): The most vital metric of any e-commerce store is conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization is the volume of visitors converted per hundred visitors. Here are ways e-commerce marketing companies improve your online store’s conversion rate;

  • Cart Abandonment: E-commerce marketing company has software that emails shoppers, reminding them of purchases they didn’t complete on your store’s website.
  • Recommendation Engine: This strategy personalizes the shopping experience of your old and prospective customers by recommending different products and services based on their browsing history and previous purchases.
  • Lead Generation: This tool helps you guide your online shoppers via the conversional funnel through opt-in forms, exit intent pop-ups, and social proof notifications.

3) Content Marketing: This strategy goes beyond its primary meaning, which includes cart pages, products, and categories. One of the essential components of this marketing is Copywriting; it contributes hugely to driving conversions.

There are different areas of content marketing that can be implemented in your online store;

  • Blog Section: Create valuable, informative content for your customers; it should be content around your product niche. Some examples are checklists, blog posts, infographics, and downloadable content.
  • Product Pages: This includes demo videos, captivating headlines, high res-images, and product descriptions.
  • Rich Media: integrate podcasts, videos, and other interactive media to give your customers informative content.

On a Final Note

You should hire the services of efficient marketing agencies like Forge Digital Marketing if you want to rise above your competitors. Visit the Forge Digital Marketing website now to learn more about our services.