Everyone does business in order to earn profit. Whether your business offers services or tangible products, the sole reason for the establishment of your business store is to earn money, a good name and recognition. All this is achieved by increasing your sales. Shopify is a great eCommerce platform that has helped many businessmen and entrepreneurs to achieve the profits they once dreamt of.

There are many marketing services being offered that help business to increase their sales. If you want to generate more leads You can hire a digital marketing agency. Now have a look at the checklist of Shopify marketing services at shopifydevelopment.com.

Different beneficial strategies to enhance sales

Remember it is not a piece of cake to increase your sales overnight. It is a painstaking task that requires a lot of effort. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the fruitful tactics that can help you to increase the sales of your Shopify Store. They will for sure, increase your revenue and will provide you an opportunity to gain success. So, let us have a look:

Add Call to action button

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This is the most beneficial way of increasing sales. You might have seen many Shopify stores that have call-to-action buttons on them. These buttons create a feeling of urgency in the visitor and he can’t help but to click and discover. A few of the CTA buttons are:

  • Click now
  • Click here
  • Shop Now
  • Check out
  • Add to cart
  • Buy now
  • Explore
  • Visit and many more.

These buttons are highlighted with different colors so that the customer may feel intrigued and ultimately click on them. CTAs are always placed close to the place of important information. For example, you can find Call to action buttons near the price of the product, reviews of the product, and even looking for different colors and sizes of the products.

Add Wishlist to your Shopify store

A wishlist is for those customers who do not visit your store to buy anything, they just do window shopping. You can offer these types of customers to sign in and take reviews and suggestions for them to seek what they are looking for in your store.

This will motivate the customer to create an email sign-up at your store so that he can be in further contact with you. You can also leverage this information gained by wishlist to improve your sales tactics, improve your products, order more products and make promotions.

Add live chat option

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Live chat option is available at almost every store that you will come across. This is given to attain the loyalty and trust of the customer about the authenticity of the brand. People use live chat so that they may receive help in early decision making and if the response is prompt, there is more chance of an increase in sales.

Live chat means that you have dedicated a person or even a separate team who will make sure to respond to everyone who visits and asks for help. If your budget does not allow you to hire a separate team for this purpose, do not worry.

You can set some automated responses provided by the software that you install. In case of an unidentified question, the response answer will be to drag them to the phone call

The products available on Social Media platform

People use social media accounts for the whole day. According to some stats, people spend more than 20 hours of the day on social media platforms. Promote your products on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

This will make shopping even easier for your customers and they can get updates about every change that you bring in your store. You will just have to post your product and give all the related details about it. The people will engage your posts by liking it and adding comments on the posts. These comments will act as reviews and will ultimately help your customer or viewers to make their buying decision.

Make use of Referrals

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Reference marketing or more popularly known as referral marketing allows people to act according to what the referral person says or does. It is beneficial to add referrals because it is the nature of humans to trust and try the things that are used by any referral person.

If you do not know how to start with it, you can also use apps like Referralcandy that will help your customers and ultimately increase the sales of your Shopify store

Make use of influencers

Due to the advent of blogging and making tik tok videos, people have found a great time pass for themselves. Bloggers and tiktokers have started to engage people by using different popular products and then promoting them.

This promotion or marketing done by them can be out of their care for people or they can be hired for collaboration by different companies.this motivates people to use the product promoted by them hence the sales increases.

Mobile friendly stores

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You can motivate people to visit your store and purchase your product by making it easy to navigate on mobile phones. This is due to the fact that more than 60 percent of the population is using the internet on their mobile phones.

They prefer to navigate through websites by using mobile phones because it is easy for them. So the store has to be made user friendly in terms of mobile phones.


To conclude, it would be correct to say that these above-stated tactics are beneficial in increasing the sales of a Shopify store. We recommend hiring a professional Marketing agency if you really want to increase your leads. If they are used in an appropriate way, they can bring lots of profits to you and will increase your sales to ten folds!