There’s a very big question going on with a lot of people in today’s market: “Should my business hire an in-house SEO team, or should we invest in an SEO or digital marketing agency?”

We’re here to answer that for you, as there are always benefits to both, but there are actually more benefits to find and hire the best SEO company you can. In this guide, we’re going to explain a few reasons why it’s best to not hire an in-house SEO team.


Numerous Benefits of SEO Agencies

When it comes to the benefits of SEO agencies, they normally can be costly, and they may cost you sometimes $1500 per month at the minimum, depending on what all you need to be done. They have their own employees who are SEO trained for maximum efficiency. One downside is that your SEO agencies will only dedicate a portion of their hours to your job site every week, and depending on the location of your company, this could look bad (but if you hire a true expert company, it’s nothing to worry about).

While SEO agencies are trained to do things the way their agencies handle them, they are also trained to be fully and automatically adaptable. They’ll lay everything out for you so that you have all the answers you may need before you, and so will they. Some SEO agencies already know a lot about your type of industry, or even about your company. This will come in handy for future work because they’ve already got a grounding knowledge. Agencies also have to make sure they stay fresh with everything in their training in order to better help you and your business win over the competing market.


What about Hiring In-House?

When you’re hiring for someone in-house, you’re literally having to start from ground zero. If the person has SEO training and expertise, if they aren’t tailored from literal SEO agency experience, then they may take more time for training, and you may have issues with them. The one and really only one good thing that you can do if you hire in-house is to fire them if necessary.

You have to not only train usually every single person, but you have to pay a lot more. Think about it this way, for every single worker you have in your business, you are the one responsible for their workman’s comp, insurance, and payroll. You don’t really have to worry about this when hiring an SEO agency. Also, those who work for an SEO agency are more diverse. If you need web content written, they’ve got someone for that. If you need article writing, they’ll cover that too. When you bring in people to your company, you may or may not have someone who can handle all of these needs, and will need to train someone new or retrain someone else.



While it may be a personal thought for some companies to hire within, an SEO agency or even an SEO expert who is as trained and diverse as possible for numerous types of clients can be the real answer to all of your SEO problems. There is more of a return on investment (ROI) that you will be able to achieve with an agency over a team of specialists who need to constantly work, test things out, and usually have to train before your ROI increases. If you’re just a one-man show, then sure. By all means, go with your gut and hire someone who can handle all the tasks you want. But don’t build a mountain out of a molehill for one person to handle and expect results like an agency can tackle.