The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that an average of two cyclists are killed every single day in traffic accidents in 2018. Distracted driving is one of the major reasons why many cyclists are at risk of losing their lives on American roads. Most of those who get injured in bike accidents often end up settling with the other party’s insurer. They do not believe that a bicycle accident lawyer is necessary. Is this true?

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Injuries sustained in a bicycle accident are often more severe than those that you can get in a car accident. This is because you can get thrown off your bicycle and hit the road or any other structure. According to the experts at AronBergLaw, in the worst cases, you can also hit other moving vehicles. This can lead to spinal cord injury, fractures, loss of limbs, paralysis, damage to your internal organs, and permanent disability.

The insurer’s job is to limit their losses in terms of paying for your damages. They will offer you a sum of money that they think is enough to cover your medical expenses. This is also true with your own uninsured motorist insurance company. They will not want to pay a huge sum. 

Unfortunately, the settlement value that they offer does not take into account the long-term effects of your injuries. For example, if you have broken bones, they will only take into consideration the surgery to fix the broken bones and the medications and hospitalizations that you will need. They will not consider the effects of hospitalization on your work. You will not be able to work for several weeks to a few months. 

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There is also the emotional and psychological burden of the accident. You may no longer feel safe every time you go out of your house. You can become skittish of any moving object. In other words, the accident will change your life. Insurers do not take these things into account when offering you compensation for your injuries. 

It is for this reason that getting a bicycle accident lawyer is a must. He knows the tactics that insurers employ. He can make the most appropriate valuation of your damages that takes into consideration the injury’s impact on your physical, psychological, emotional, and economic well-being.

Another reason why you should get the services of a bicycle accident lawyer is to free you from the hassle of pursuing the case. You can focus more on your treatment and recovery. Your attorney will be the one to represent you in all aspects of the case. This includes communicating and negotiating with the defendant’s insurer to come up with a more appropriate settlement amount.

You also do not have to worry about paying the accident attorney. He will take a small portion of your settlement amount as payment for his legal services. He can only take this after winning your case, not before.

Should you hire a bicycle accident lawyer? Conventional wisdom says you should. An experienced attorney can help you obtain the justice that you seek for the injuries that you sustained and the harm that you are suffering from.