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If you have just finally created your own PCB design and have decided that it is time to bring this design to PCB manufacturers. If you want to realize your PCB design that is. However, the whole process of manufacturing a PCB can be quite complicated for someone who does it for the first time. And the process can get even more complicated when you have to decide which PCB manufacturers to choose. So what exactly do you need to pay attention to when you are buying your PCB online without worrying about making the wrong decision?

IF there is one thing everyone should understand before buying PCB is that not all boards are equal. There are various choices out there, from luxury level services to cheap manufacturers. However, finding the “best” PCB manufacturer can be quite an impossible task, which means that it all comes down to how much you are prepared to spend and your design.

Here are some things you should ask PCB manufacturers before you decide to purchase.

Ask how much time will it take to deliver your board

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This is probably one of the first things you will think about is when the board is going to be delivered to you. The answer to this question depends completely on how much you are willing to spend. While less expensive manufacturers may try to charm you with their “quick deliveries” the reality is that it will probably take them several weeks to ship it to you. You get what you pay for.

If you want to have the board in just a couple of days then you should definitely think about increasing your budget a bit if you want to realize your plan.

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Ask if they are will source all the needed parts or materials

Instead of spending hours and days of navigating all the materials and parts needed for your PCB, ask the manufacturers if they can handle all that Bill of Materials works for you. If they agree to this for some extra cash it will be well worth it. Dealing with insufficient materials or unavailable parts can be a real hassle, so this is probably your best option.

Ensure if their manufacturing process can handle your design specifications

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If you want the manufacturer to pay special attention to some parts of your design, make sure you mention that to ensure that they will be able to build it to your standard. This is important because a lot of cheap board vendors will ignore your special needs and will build your PCB with their own standards which might not be enough for it to work.

Find out where they get their materials from

If you want a premium product, then you should definitely question the company where they source their materials from. You cannot expect to get a quality product if the manufacturers have sourced the cheapest possible materials. This is why you must insist on them to source expensive materials if needed.