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Are you considering what building supplies to utilize for your next big project? Aluminum should go straight to the top of your list. You might be thinking, why not steel? After all, anyone with knowledge of the construction industry knows that steel is the most used metal in modern-day buildings. Surely, this level of popularity makes it the optimal choice?

While you will almost certainly be using a combination of metals during the building process and your decision about which ones to use really should depend on the specific parameters of the job at hand  — there are a number of compelling reasons why you should pick aluminum. Here are just a few of the most important:

Corrosion resistance

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Arguably the greatest reason for using this material in your building projects lies in its incredible resistance to corrosion. According to the metal experts at Austral Wright Metals, aluminum after being spun and “unless exposed to some substance or condition which destroys this protective oxide coating… remains protected against corrosion.” Essentially, this means when you use it, you’ll experience no nasty rust or scraping and because of this, hardly any maintenance costs. Unlike steel, there is no need to pay for and execute an entire repaint job after just a few years.


If you ask anyone who knows anything about metals, they will tell you that nothing beats aluminum when it comes to ductility and malleability. Due to its unique properties, builders can mold it into myriad shapes and fit them into spaces that other metals simply cannot enter. While steel may be strong and resilient, it is plainly not versatile in the same way and can easily be cracked in the spinning process. This makes aluminum the obvious choice on the malleability front!


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In an age where sustainability seems to be at the forefront of every discussion, the mere mention of a product being sustainable is often accompanied by a sigh of relief. While aluminum does admittedly require a lot of energy to extract, you can rest assured that once formed, this metal is easy to recycle. In fact, it is 100% recyclable.


Another reason you should sideline steel comes down to the figure on the scales. Steel weighs a whopping three times more. This makes it far less adaptable and often, harder to work with. If your project doesn’t require a density of the kind steel can provide, the lighter option is the smarter choice. And don’t worry about strength – aluminum is still a strong metal, it just weighs less.


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Not yet convinced? This last point should change your mind. Aluminum reflects light and heat like no other metal, which makes it the ideal material to use in buildings that reside in environments susceptible to extreme temperatures. It works particularly well for coating cool roofs in hot climates, by reflecting almost 95% of heat!

Hopefully, after having read these five powerful reasons for this material usage, you’ll take time to consider this mighty metal when planning your next project. After all, this shortlist only scratches the surface of everything aluminum can do for you.