There are multiple options to maximize the compensation for a car accident, but it all comes down to how you handle the case.

You should know that the attention of jurors is precious, and there is no room for errors if you are to get a favorable decision. Now, we have compiled a guide to help you improve your chances of winning an auto accident lawsuit and getting the best possible settlement.

File a lawsuit immediately


Don’t wait to see how the injuries sustained will affect you in the future. Talk to a lawyer to file a lawsuit as fast as you can. At the very least, don’t let the time window allow you to elapse. Filing after this timeframe makes it hard, or even impossible, to get the settlement.

Get the Best Legal Attorney to Fight your Case

Whether it is evidence gathering or talking to the police, or even helping with your insurance claims, an expert legal attorney can help you get everything done. It is important that the first thing you do post a car accident is to call for a lawyer. The police and the lawyer of the opposite party might try talking to you.

According to legal experts, if you are involved in an accident, you should not talk to anyone unless your lawyer arrives on the scene. Many lawyers use the strategy to take a statement and record the same in a hidden manner on their cell phones. They use the same as evidence and present it in front of a judge to prove their point.

A good traffic lawyer can help you in such things. Not only can they work with the insurance companies and fight for your claim amount, they can also push to seek compensation in case the other party is at fault. Unscrupulous people might want to frame you wrongly, and it is important that your lawyer is able to defend you at every step of the way.

If you are looking to get find a great accident lawyer for yourself, you need to start by doing adequate research. Asking your friends and family members for referrals is a good way to start. However, you should not stop at that. It is important to do online research by looking at the lawyer’s website and figuring out about their credibility and expertise.

Check for the lawyer fees and the terms of payment. You do not want to have a financially dissatisfied lawyer fighting your case and representing you. Once you are satisfied with the experience, fees and credentials, you can ask them to fight the case for you.

Prepare adequately

We can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t make it hard on yourself in court. Be smart and prepare adequately for the court. Ask yourself some questions like, who are you fighting against, and why? What are you expecting in return? How can you get it?

What will you do if one plan fails? It would be best if you examined different phases of the case from all angles to help you and your attorney formulate a persuasive argument in the case.

NB: The party at fault will not pay you because you are a wheelchair user. No! You must present your side of the story to show that you deserve even a penny.

You should also review the proceedings and settlement of other personal cases to know where the odds lay. The information will help you to formulate an argument early enough.

Collect and preserve the evidence


You can talk all you want about your financial, physical, and emotional struggles, but without concrete evidence, the case is as good as dead. There are so many causes of car accidents, such as fatigue, driving under the influence, negligence, and intentional hurting. You can also read more about the legal aspect of this and talk to an accident attorney for help.

An attorney will help convince the insurance company or the court that you were indeed the victim. They will also show that the other party was on the wrong. They will also compile information about witnesses, photos of the scene, CCTV footage, if possible, a medical report, an accident report, and a copy of all expenses and others to help prove your claim.

Estimate the cost of damages and injuries fully

A day in court is a golden opportunity. So, do everything well before getting there. Get a professional estimate of all the costs of damages and injuries before filing for a claim. Remember, you are not limited to the visible injuries and damages.

You should go ahead and include the non-physical losses caused by the auto accident. If you are a parent, you may also mention that your kids will suffer as you take the break to recover. Again, a lawyer will help in estimating a proper settlement from the information you have.

Support your argument with facts


Every personal injury claim has its strengths and weaknesses. That implies collecting the right evidence regarding the accident on time and direct your attention to the areas that will strengthen the case if the driver has a record of causing car accidents, present that in court. If the driver was intoxicated or using a phone when driving, mention it as it will strengthen the case.

When the party at fault challenges your claim, which is common, it is your responsibility to provide a strong counter-argument. The chances of getting a fair deal are high when there is physical evidence detailed in reports from professionals like doctors or police officers. Presenting evidence when arguing against the other party rather than seeking sympathy shows that you are committed to getting what you deserve.

Don’t settle too quickly

It is common for the accused party to underestimate injuries and damages and quote an amount that is lower than the presented value. Many times, they do this to see if you know what you got yourself into.

If they see that you are too eager to get the money, they can lower it even more, thus passing over a heap of expenses that may appear later. To be on the safe side, be bold enough to reject offers that are below your expectations.

Let the other party know that you aren’t willing to budge to an unfavorable amount. If you work with an attorney, the better. A skilled auto accident attorney will assist you in making legal decisions.

Don’t post on social media


Social media has become part and parcel of our lives. However, when the case is going on, you should not update followers about it. Social media is subject to being monitored, and information can be misinterpreted or contradict the claim. For example, posting a photo of you hiking and pursuing compensation for broken legs are contradicting.

Confessing your excitement about the money on a friend’s timeline may be mistaken for intentionally putting yourself at risk and using the injury as a path to financial freedom. When such is presented in court, you can be sure that the jury will side with the accused party. The best thing is to keep a low profile.

If you must visit the platforms, avoid posting about the case or something that might hurt your claim.

Be honest about previous injuries

Defense lawyers dig deep when looking for evidence. If you had other injuries before the accident, mention it to your lawyer. Otherwise, when the lawyer of the accused discovers that, you may lose a considerable chunk of money.

Final remarks

You should not be ashamed to maximize your auto accident settlement claim, but make sure you are honest about it. It’s especially important to factor in how the accident has affected you both in the present and the future.