Starting your own business is an exciting but stressful endeavor, as well as reorganizing it. Among all the other things to take care of on your to-do list, the ‘appropriate presentation’ option probably takes the first place. Pictures, videos, audio versions? Radio ads? We believe that, in all this chaos, a thousand things and ideas come to your mind. How best to convey your intentions and ideas to target groups? How much engagement does it take to produce the perfect marketing tool from that process? Really, a bunch of questions. If you intend to make any kind of average presentation just to have something to show, you can go with anything, but you can’t expect it always to work. But if you’re thinking about a truly inspiring thing, then corporate video presentation is the thing you’re looking for.

Why? Let’s find out.

1. It’s more effective than photos and text


Did you know that according to some research, most senior consumers, but also a certain percentage of younger ones, don’t have enough patience to read kilometers of texts? In the vast majority of cases, it happens that they just take a gander at numerous letters and lines and decide that they don’t have that much time or interest to delve into what you’re trying to say. So, the bottom line is that you can have the best textual ad of all times – if it’s not tailored to the audience and the target group it needs to reach, the thing has failed in advance.

This is exactly what gives preference to video material. Here, the text is in the minority, if it exists at all, and it’s definitely much simpler to follow it. Attracting the attention of consumers in this way has proven to be incomparably more effective than just piling up text ads or images that, in most cases, don’t provide enough information. When you create a video, you have just enough space for everything.

Although some companies consider video presentation as a pure alternation of photos and a certain amount of text that should be spoken for advertising purposes, this isn’t the best solution. Creating the real footage actually brings a lot more benefits, since, compared to it, a simple slideshow looks like a complete lack of effort. If you want to make your slideshow look more presentable then click here and learn more about Intro Maker.

2. It demonstrates things and services much better


The question that many company leaders ask themselves when considering this option is – to what extent will these services or products offered by the company itself show better and will they have an effect on sales? The answer is – they absolutely will. Of course, imagination and the idea with which this task is approached play a huge role here, but what’s certain is that the success will be incomparably greater. Why?

Take TV sales, for example. Why is it so popular? The trick is that the company has developed a whole system of displaying the functions and benefits that products bring through advertisements that directly show all the good sides that they have to offer. You have the opportunity to see all those magic juicers working and turning the fruit into fresh juice in the blink of an eye, or to see with your own eyes how the corset manages to hide those few extra pounds on a chubby lady.

This suggests a solution to problems that many viewers identify with – and the photos can’t do it so well. Observing the finding of the solutions becomes so satisfying that the idea of having such a thing in one’s home emerges right away. You see how powerful the act of demonstration is – don’t miss the opportunity to use it.

3. It’s more attractive visually


If you’ve already decided that this is the right step for you and hired a great team that’ll turn your presentation into a real little work of art, the success of this type of offer distribution is inevitable. As we said at the beginning, shots that actually show something useful and that are both visually appealing and applicable due to the information they provide should be a priority.

The task of the edited footage will be to highlight what you have to give to your customers in the most efficient possible way, using lovely photography, appropriate sounds and music and the power of visual display. Things that are pleasing to the eye and senses leave a much stronger impression on those who have the opportunity to watch the presentation. Among other things, you get the chance to tell your story in a special way and stand out from the competition by showing what makes you special.

The combination of elements that are heard and seen is usually winning – because in this way, the observer mentally absorbs what you offer them. In addition, there are breathtaking filming techniques – for example, Mercedes Benz and Porsche have been using super cool drone shooting thanks to emphasizes – and it definitely seems magnificent and more than professional. The more visually beautiful it is, the more people it will attract.

4. It can be used on multiple platforms


Let’s recall some older times. Remember how the ads were displayed? The only way was to pay for it to be seen on television. It was the only option for potential consumers to find out about the existence of someone’s business and activity via the media. However, with all the possible advances in technology and with what modern times have brought, this method is today somewhat suppressed by other platforms that are emerging as a more attractive option.

Video material is practical in this case because, after your company makes a presentation and is absolutely satisfied with it, you can share it on almost all existing platforms. Not only can it be posted on your website, which is the first destination, but it can also be found on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as well as on LinkedIn, YouTube and all other available options.

It’s always possible to set up text presentations instead, but keep in mind that, as we mentioned earlier, there is a higher probability that someone will watch the video than read the letters. Availability on all of these channels makes it much easier to share content and promote your brand wherever possible.