Making training videos is a compelling method to engage employees with in-favor learning. An educating video is a video that delivers the best relevant details. With these types of videos, you can discover some required knowledge that has been explored, collected, and presented by a community of people.

The point is, when you view a videotape, you are more than just a viewer. You engage in the activity, so you can easily observe the details and save it in your memory for an overlong period.

With stylish editing features and a combined workflow, you can make a training video in a shorter time than it grabs to create a PowerPoint.

Screen recorder software gives it all; flawless templates, instant-ready scenes, world-class animations, and much more. Put your company logo, record a new film, capture the screen, or put a voice-over to your footage without quitting the software.

Here are seven easy steps to create effectual training videos that will hold the employee’s attention.

Choose A Topic For Your Training Video

As reported by Forrester Research, employees are up to 75 percent more likely to view a video than to read emails, documents, or online web articles.

The first and most vital step in making a training video is to choose a topic. Consider the purpose of your video in advance, and to choose the correct topic, you must acknowledge your audience and its needs. Keeping a precise plan will support your presentation in every action you take.


It shows you an exact idea of the issues that they are having and the opportunity to make a videotape that delivers a solution to their trouble via your training.

Use The Right Equipment To Create Your Video

A creen recorder can be a helpful and effective tool in your videotape collection. However, some people understand how to use it nicely, and if you have never utilized it before, it will be astounding to learn where to start.

There are some pieces of tools that you will require to get initiated. A camera, a microphone, a tripod or lighting set, and stunning screen recording software. You can use these four tools and have a formula for success.

Making an excellent quality educational video is entirely possible with a video camera. Your computer with a merged webcam or a palmtop with an in-built webcam is more than sufficient for videotaping. It takes some effort to record audio with genuine quality. As for the audio, it will be great to utilize separate audio gear, always an external mic.

Determine The Type Of Training Video You Want To Make

Training videos can be of various types. Separate videos serve different goals. And some videotapes are more gradual to complete than others, such as easy screen capturing compared to animation.

You can select the type of video most convenient for you as per your requirement. Choose the best tutoring video design for your topic matter and employees, animated, instructor-led, screen recording, etc. You can adhere to one layout or merge numerous formats.

Record Or Film Your Training Video


Once everything starts working as per your requirements, you can begin recording the training videotape. Even though there are multiple methods to make a training video, one of the most straightforward ways is to operate a do-it-yourself video tool.

Put up your supplies and record your videos. Make a brief go-through of your screenplay/talking points, follow the correct stance, and click the start button. You can break the recording if needed and end it when you have completed making it. If you make an error, keep on proceeding. You can cut and organize your video clips in the next phase.

Start Editing Your Training Video

Get innovative as you draw all your makings together. After you stop the recording, the videotape will open in your editing software, where you can easily accomplish all the necessary editing. Start revising the video by cutting out the unnecessary parts. Operate the scissors icon to trim fragments where you misstate or misrepresent out of the schedule area.

You can put on transitions, music, text, and more unique touches to make your training videotape impressive and engaging for your employees. You can also extract background interference from the recording by clicking the appropriate button on the screen-capturing software.

You Can Do The Distribution Of Your Videos

Once you finish editing your tutoring videotape, you can easily save and present it online. So, the next phase is to host and distribute your tape. You can upload or send the videotape anywhere you want to, be it the task management program of your company or YouTube channel, share it via email to your employees and other platforms, or keep it for your employee induction dashboard.


Hosting lets the videotape be public for viewers from around the globe on any gadget of their preference. Just download your recorded tape or distribute it on any medium or channel with a detectable link.

Follow Up With Your Employee Feedback

Videos are confirmed to be more rememberable than other training stuff as employees tend to memorize only 20 percent of their readings, contrasted with 80 percent of what they watch and do.

Getting feedback from your employees will be beneficial to see how nicely your video connected with your viewers. With the professional screen recording software, you can use remarking to manage and react to suggestions all within the app.

It will remove the requirement for regular email and sloppy tags or any further zoom meetings. When you hear the point of view of numerous employees from different crews and experiences, it will help make it great for all future employees to come.

The Bottom Line

A training video can be one of the most compelling ways to teach your employees. With the beginning of powerful video creation instruments, making successful training videos has become simpler and more reasonable than ever earlier. Now you must have learned some ideas on how to record a training video with no video presentation experience.

They do not demand much time but will enhance the learning practices of employees. Entrusting yourself with the knowledge you require to start your task and making a workflow that performs for you is the most reasonable way to begin making a screen recording.