With the advancements in information technology and decreasing attention spans, capturing your audience’s attention is no walk in the park, especially with the stiff competition. Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing forms of engaging with your audiences effectively that has excellent value for your marketing plans.

Video adverts are great attention-grabbers. This makes them perfect for brand introduction and improving sales through promotions. Video adverts can help turn your prospects into regular clients through multiple stages of the advert quicker than any other form of advertisement.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the current state of video advertising and how you can use it to build your brand and business.

Video ads allow you to spark interest quickly


Video advertisements are more than just a combination of visuals and narratives. They can help promote sales, tell your brand’s story and relay the value of your product. Most importantly, video ads are great at driving customer action. This is because the videos are short, usually 15-30 seconds, allowing you to cater for the short attention span and relay a creative and meaningful narrative.

When creating an eye-catching add reliability and quality are vital. Your viewers need video content they can relate with their needs, preferences, and interest. So, it is essential to know your target audience and develop a creative way to reach them best. Your video ad should always address your audiences’ questions and needs conclusively and excitingly in a way that authentically reflects your brand’s voice.

They are appealing to those with a short attention span


Digital media is crowded, and you need something to make your business stand out. Most individuals find it difficult and tiring to read through a long blog post – it is time-consuming, and the post might not be attractive. The good news is that with video adverts, you have the opportunity to create an informative and short video that will fully engage the viewer and capture their attention.

To effectively capture your viewers’ attention, you need to put your point across as soon as possible. If your audience can figure out why you want them to quickly watch the ad, they will switch off. Therefore, it is essential to clearly and promptly illustrate your intent using facts, sketches, and questions. Also, you have to strive to inspire an emotional response from your audience, whether it’s sympathy, curiosity, novelty, or shock. Emotion draws your views and keeps them hooked for more extended periods.

There are several ads online and on television. As a result, it takes something creative and unique to stand out and engage your viewers.  Use creative shots, funny scripts, and dramatic effects to make your video ad different.

You have complete control of the narrative


Video advertising allows you to create a captivating and eye-catching that your customers can relate to instead of hoping that the customer reads what you want them to read. Your main goal might be to increase sales or communicate your company’s core values when producing video adverts. Video adverts allow you to use your branding in any marketing material you put out to the public. You can use your personal branding in every single detail in the advert.

Video ads allow you to use intelligent and useful branding tools, such as your organization’s logo, brand colors, and messages to promote your business identity. You have the freedom to tell the story of your brand through relatable narrative-based content that easily gets to the hearts of your viewer, ignites emotion, and has a satisfying solution.

Remember that your audience has a short attention span, so you have to ensure your video ad has elements that promote your brand without you talking. Experts at Spiel say, “show, don’t tell.” Ensure you incorporate smart indicators in the video ad that will communicate with your audience without spelling out everything to the audience. Your narrative must be clear, memorable, and, most importantly, understandable to your audience.

Promoting brand awareness through user-generated content


Some of the best social media followings result from user-generated content, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Video ads make great human content and can foster brand advocates by individuals.  As you post your video ads on the various social media platforms, users can create and share a post featuring your brand, creating awareness for your product and services with their friends and families- this improves your business’s credibility.

User-generated content promotes the authenticity of your brand.  Studies show that more customers are likely to view user-generated content compared to brand content. This gives your brand credibility a boost.

In addition to giving your brand credibility boost, USG also creates trust. Most consumers want to know what they are getting. For instance, one will not hire a service if it has not social media presence. They don’t trust it will be worth their while.

With improved trust and credibility, there will be a massive impact on your sales. The video ads shared generate comments on social media that are designed to drive purchases. Combining user-generated content with your own ads, you can have a long-lasting album that your potential clients can view and feel comfortable with your brand.



If you want to increase viewer engagement, you need to invest in video advertising. A simple and straightforward video ad can result in a dramatic increase in sales and clientele. Video advertisement is not only great for your website’s SEO, but it is also a medium you can use to share your brand’s story and drive sales. Evaluate the various ways mentioned above to see how you can use video ads to your advantage. Make your video marketing strategy straightforward and exciting to engage with more clients.