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Tesla, Inc. is an energy and automotive company. The main specialty of this company is the manufacturer of electronic cars. Within a short period of existence, Tesla, Inc. managed to pave its way in the industry.

Nowadays it is considered to be one of the leaders in the field since in 2018, it was proclaimed to be the best-selling plug-in passenger car manufacturer worldwide.

Have you ever wondered how did the founders of this famous company manage to develop such a successful strategy?

In case you are interested in learning everything about Tesla, Inc., including the details of the development, products and net worth, the following article will hopefully be helpful.

Tesla, Inc. – General Information

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In July 2003, two engineers, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning decided to found the company whose name was Tesla Motors. In the early stages of the company’s development Elon Musk, Ian Wright and J.B. Straubel joined the team.

The idea behind the creation of Tesla Motors was to found a technology company that would at the same time be an independent automaker. The goal was to make electronic cars affordable to the average person.

In that sense, their mission is to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”. In 2017, the name of the company was shortened to Tesla.

The main factory is located in Fremont, California. This is the place where the majority of products are being made. Also, the founders of the company state that safety in the factories is their main priority. Therefore, the employees are trained before even entering the factory.

Tesla, Inc. – Products

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The products of this company are numerous. Model S, the world’s first premium all-electric car, became the best car in every category. This car is considered to unite the 3 most important elements of a high-quality car – performance, safety, and efficiency. Furthermore, in 2015, the Model X was launched.

This product is often described as “the safest, quickest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history”. Also, one of the most fascinating things about this car is the fact that it has 5-star safety ratings. In 2016, the new product, Model 3, was introduced.

Model 3 is considered to be a high-volume and low-priced electric vehicle. However, this is not all. Tesla Semi is the name of the product which was created after the Model 3. Tesla Semi is, in fact, a truck that has a reputation of being the most comfortable and safest truck ever.

Tesla, Inc. – Net Worth

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Since 2012, the sales of the company have been increasing year after year. In 2016, Tesla, Inc. earned 1 billion dollars only in China, which is the largest market when it comes to the manufacture of electronic cars. This success was followed by establishing the Tesla factory in Shanghai.

The biggest change happened between 2017 and 2018 when sales increased by 280% (from 48,000 to 182,400).

In 2024, Tesla has a market cap or net worth of $553.78 billion as of March 18, 2024. The incomes of the company are primarily related to the sales of the products. Also, Tesla has become one of the most popular companies. In accordance with that, the company is followed by 9,7 million people on Instagram.

The co-founder of the company, Elon Musk is estimated to have a net worth of 36.7 billion dollars, as reported by Furthermore, in 2012, he got on the Forbes’ list of the richest people for the first time.

In conclusion, Tesla Inc. is considered a young and yet enormously successful company. Not only have they managed to create something revolutionary, but they also affected the way people think. Therefore, it is safe to say that Tesla, Inc. is a great way affects people’s mindsets about the environment. Furthermore, this company serves as proof that it is possible to be popular, successful; earn a lot and produce high-quality goods.