Blogging takes the world by storm as it provides many possibilities. When done accordingly, blogging can open many successful opportunities in the long run.

Aside from expressing yourself, sharing your passions, making a difference, and sharing knowledge, you will be able to learn how to make money online, establish your professional network, increase internet visibility, become an authority in your chosen niche, and market your business effectively.

However, there’s no permanent in this world but change. While other platforms change, blogging is no exception. even web designers don’t need to struggle to gain more clients, as the space of web design is on the rise for the last two years. (Well, if you do need to get more clients, this guide will surely help you out)

How to protect your space over the internet? How to defeat your competitors over time? This is where blogging trends can make a big difference.

Develop and Stick to Your Content Marketing Plan


What is your goal in creating blog posts? Do you want to increase the online presence of your web page? Or do you like to reach a wide market? Whatever the case might be, don’t forget to create a content marketing plan.

While developing a content marketing plan, be sure to incorporate pillar pages or topic clusters. Yes, the process can be complicated. But it would help you organize your blog effectively.

To set up a topic cluster, doing some research online will be a great idea. Just go to Google, enter the right keyword, and enjoy thousands of results within a second or two. It’s easy, right?

Publish All Types of Content


There are many types of content to consider when blogging. However, many beginners and other professionals stay complacent on a single kind of information. Don’t do the same thing. It would be ideal to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.

It’s good to know that you have tried expert roundups. What are the other effective and popular alternatives to weigh in mind? These include ultimate guides, annual reports, research-based articles, resource lists, best-of lists, case studies, and trends forecasts.

Since it is long-form content, don’t forget to be quality-focused. Before, it’s worthwhile to write quantity-based content. But things have changed today. Focus on quality, not quantity. If you are not that creative to construct your own article, there are reliable professionals you should try.

If you are willing to take the challenge, how to determine what kind of long-form content you should publish? Let’s say your blog is for professionals. Then, an expert roundup with recommended tips in your industry would be useful and be able to address the pain points of your target market.

But wait, there’s more! Consider the idea of linking to relevant and credible third party content. When done perfectly, it would add more value to your blog post. You would also look like an authority in your chosen industry.

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot and be ready to take your experience to another level.

Repurpose Your Post


Studies show that repurposing long-form content into other formats is a perfect and smart idea.

How to get started? Simply use your existing content to create a rich and aesthetically nice infographic, which you can share for backlinks in other blogs. After that, share it on any of your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular platforms.

Aside from an infographic, your blog post can be converted into social media posts, newsletters, and even videos.

However, you cannot get it done manually. This is where trusted applications can play a critical role. Some of the best options include OpenShot, Adobe Rush, KineMaster, Biteable, and Splice Video Editor.

Host Content Writers


Another blogging trend is having a selection of professionals to write multiple articles. That way, your blog post will be enriched with different styles and voices that clients would love.

But be cautious when selecting writers. Before making a hiring decision, let them undergo an intensive process. Most importantly, examine their content and determine whether or not their style matches your brand.

Optimize Your Post to Achieve Rich Snippets


Once you’re done hiring the best writers around your niche, your job does not stop there. It’s time to optimize your content to enjoy rich snippets.

What is a rich snippet? Well, it is a single best real estate on Google. To get your articles into that spot, all of your content must be well-optimized.

How to get it done? Using short and long keywords should not be ignored. Apart from that, you could pose questions for your target readers to answer. It really helps.

Also, don’t forget to format your blog post as numbered lists with quality and interesting headings.

For the keyword density, you can use applications over the internet. While it requires additional cost, the services are worth it.

Before keyword research and search engine optimization takes place, it is important to optimize your pages for color blindness, screen readers, and visual search.

What are some important factors to take into account? Image alt text and colors are common.

More than that, it is imperative to check the flow, structure, and grammar of your text. Your target reader loves to read something fun and of good quality after all.

Consider Accessibility


Once you have done all these things, don’t underestimate the importance of improving accessibility. Some of the helpful tips are highlighted below:

  • Be careful with the color schemes on your page. Remember, your audience consists of color-blind users.
  • Add alt-tags to your images. Have you ever tried it before? Not yet? It’s about time to add alt-tags to your photos and other relevant information.
  • Avoid grammatical errors. This might confuse your screen readers. Sometimes, they might look for other bloggers that reach their standards. So, let an editor and other specialists check your content before publishing.
  • For videos, don’t forget to add closed caption titles or subtitles. If you don’t know how to handle the process, there are experienced companies you can depend on and trust over the years.
  • Include audio versions of your web page that your readers can download for free.

Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Today’s competition is intense and tough, remember. A simple mistake might lead to potential and expensive problems you might not overcome right away. Before you can be left behind, integrate any of these blogging trends into your web page as soon as possible.