Could you imagine how big the mobile development market would be just 10 years ago? And how many technologies would appear on the market? Or that BlackBerry won’t be another popular platform for app development? Or how many mobile app development frameworks would appear and get all the attention? One of the most prominent examples of this evolution is React Native framework and how it took place in the mobile development world.

Fast and efficient framework called React Native is used for building mobile applications that run on both Android and iOS. Choosing React Native and finding a proven React Native development agency is a great cost-efficient option. But RN is constantly evolving and being enhanced, so you need to know how to use it effectively. To help your understanding, we will outline the most significant React Native trends of 2024.

Top 6 React Native Development Trends in 2024

According to a Statista report, the mobile app market is projected to generate revenue of $581.9 billion in 2024. Moreover, experts predict that by 2024, mobile app revenues will reach nearly $1 trillion per year. So, mobile application development is a highly lucrative field, and also a very vivid and diversified domain that adopts pioneering technology trends.

Let’s discuss these trends and dig through the future of Android and iOS software.

1. 5G network

Internet connection quality is one of the most influential characteristics that affect Android and iOS development. The fact is that 70% of wireless providers will shift to the new generation by 2024. Mobile development is waiting for it because 5G communication brings a huge increase in speed, making it possible to download 8K videos or other heavy media files without any delay.

This is just the beginning of the advantages that 5G adoption will provide to mobile app development. Low latency networks, such as 5G, enable programmers to employ heavily interactive technologies. The prime examples of such heavy technologies are AR & VR modules, 3D modeling, and Internet of Things (IoT) that are very promising fields of the high-tech world. This is the future of mobile software that will change user experience forever.

2. Artificial Intelligence & chatbots

AI technology enables the software to gather and analyze data and, based on this, generate and execute algorithms. Programs that implement artificial intelligence can anticipate challenges that may appear when a specific goal is attained.

AI makes things much easier in many aspects, including:

  • Analyzing and predicting customer behavior
  • Increasing SEO
  • Upgrading data privacy
  • Boosting accuracy of autotranslation
  • Enhancing customer engagement using chatbots

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality


Augmented reality (or simply — AR) allows computer simulations to interact with the real world. Typically, this involves data or imagery overlaid in your natural environment by your phone, but it will soon be used in other devices, such as car windshields, or even a pair of glasses. Virtual Reality (or simply — VR) is an imitation of a specific environment generated by a computer. VR completely occludes the surrounding world. This way, the customer is immersed completely in the simulated reality and the stimuli it provides.

The implementation of AR/VR technologies can be very beneficial for your company, as it allows your product to stand out.

4. Instant apps

Google, as a pioneer in the tech world, brought out the fresh trend of instant applications as the most rapid way to use Android applications. With this technology, users have the possibility to get the taste of the specific app without having to wait for a download, as, nowadays, it can last a while. All the native functionality is accessible to the users of these apps. You can open instant apps immediately after the installation with no device memory usage.

What are the advantages of instant apps?

High rates of user engagement. As soon as the button is pressed, users are enjoying the app. Speaking of profitability, stronger engagement leads to the increase in installations and monetization.

Boosted conversions. Using Google’s Instant Application functionality, Wego, an online travel agency, saw their conversions increase by 27%.

Enhanced user acquisition and retention rates. InnoGames enhanced user interaction by 16%, helping the company to get a lot of new users easily.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)


Business Insider says that, in 2019, there were 8 billion IoT devices, but by 2027, there will be more than 41 billion devices. These figures will far exceed the current number of smartphones owned.

In our modern world, the possibility to connect to the Internet can be found in a myriad range of devices. Hardware from lamps to blood pressure machines now can easily be connected to a smart home system. IoT and the interaction in this system unlocks more possibilities for accessing and monitoring different aspects of our lives.

The main spheres that long for IoT adoption are smart home appliances, health care and retail. But the list of the fields that will benefit from IoT is endless, because it depends only on your imagination.

6. Blockchain

This fresh technology revolutionized the world of today and is ready to transform the mobile software domain. Blockchain is a great choice when your goal is to ensure security and quality control. It was the reason for payment applications turning into blockchain to get more secure and rapid transactions.

Blockchain technology also has great potential in the integration with the IoT industry that needs to resolve security-related issues. That is why blockchain that will provide secure data exchange is a perfect fit for IoT.


2024 offers a lot of possibilities for mobile development. This year, among the progressive technologies that make up the tech landscape of mobile development, it’s important to be aware of AI & Chatbots, AR & VR, 5G, Instant applications, IoT, and Blockchain. These are the fresh trends that will be of great significance in the field of mobile development.

Choose wisely which technologies to implement it in your app. Remember, you don’t need to employ all the trending techniques, because sensible moderation is what matters the most in such a complex and tricky business.