Keeping up with the latest app design trends is necessary to ensure your app’s success. This article will go through the best and creative app design trends in 2024. It can be difficult to predict these trends and implement them in time to stay ahead of the competition, and however, if you keep reading, you will surely gain the upper hand.

Here are the app design trends that are popular in 2024, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of this year from one app designing company to the next. You can see the list of the top 5 design agencies here.

1. Abstract and Geometric Art


While this design trend will not work for every brand, many of them will benefit from this trend greatly. Using abstract and geometric art will portray a healthy balance between detailed design and simplicity. Being constrained by abstract and geometric design will let designers be more creative and represent brands uniquely and memorably.

Many brands have adopted this design trend already and have produced beautiful apps. Just seeing some of the examples will help you understand why this design trend is so important.

2. Creative Swiping Experience


Even though swiping has been a popular design trend for many years now, it hasn’t stopped being one in 2024. It may have gotten even more popular, in fact. App design studios have started to create new ways and look for users to interact with apps. There are so many different approaches that can be used when it comes to improving the swiping experience.

The only limitation that is present is the one you put in yourself. This simple feature can be used to represent your brand’s personality, and if done right, it can be a powerful way to show users why you are different and how you are willing to go the extra mile to improve their experience.

It can be daunting to design this feature in a way that best represents your brand, and if you aren’t sure how to do this, don’t worry. Just hire an mobile app agency to help you through this process.

3. Micro Animations


You have seen these in many different apps and websites that you have used and visited. This design trend includes something as simple as liking an image on a social media app, and it is filled with the color red or clicking a button, and it changes shape.

This feature is so popular that you probably don’t even notice it every time it is used. These animations give life to apps and make them more inviting and enjoyable because users know a lot of effort was put into creating them.

While this feature has many benefits if used correctly, you need to make sure it isn’t overused. If micro animations are everywhere, they will distract the user and become annoying instead of increasing the user experience. Ask an app design agency to help you if you aren’t sure how to strike the right balance.

4. Bottom Navigation


A great app designer will find out what users prefer and then create a design that users want to interact with. Bottom navigation has become increasingly popular, and users prefer this fast and convenient method of switching between screens when using mobile apps.

This app design trend has continued to rise in popularity in 2024, and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping. If you want users to have a smooth and enjoyable experience, add bottom navigation to your app.

5. Personalized User Interfaces


Having a personalized user interface will put desirable content in front of the user when they use your app. This will increase the amount of time the user is on your app because they will have more things to do and look at.

This trend is being adopted by many different brands, both big and small. Examples of this trend include YouTube recommending videos that you may like to watch based on what you have been watching and Spotify showing you music that you may want to hear based on your music taste.

This trend is focused on keeping users engaged for as long as possible and letting them know that you understand them and what they want. This can be a challenging design trend to implement, so you should ask an app design agency to help you if you’re going to go all out for your users.

6. Gradients


Who doesn’t like gradients? When used properly, they can help different elements in the mobile apps blend seamlessly with others. Using angles will also help remove flat colors that could make the app seem dull and outdated and breathe new life into an app.

Using this trend correctly and introducing brand colors with gradients and the right balance of white space will help your mobile app stand out. If you want to be ahead of the competition, then this simple design trend can help you.

7. Minimalism


This is a powerful design trend that can improve the user experience and let brands guide the user’s focus to what’s essential. The minimalist design trend will remove everything necessary and only leave behind what the user needs.

Users will not be distracted and will have no choice but to focus on what you want them to. This will make what they experience on the app more memorable. Additionally, people want to have a simple and easy way of getting what they want. Using minimalism is how the mobile design company can provide this much-needed experience in the modern world which has so many ways to distract people from what’s important.

8. Angled Interfaces


Being confined to design rules can be annoying, and it will make app design repetitive and unoriginal. So how do you deal with this? Angles. It is that simple. App agencies have started to break the confines of traditional app design rules to create designs that are so much more dynamic and exciting.

If you want to stand out and portray your brand as one that likes to try new things, this app design trend is what you are looking for. Just take a look at the many apps that have introduced this design trend and the creative ways they have done so. You’ll be amazed at what designers can accomplish if they aren’t limited by what’s expected of them and are allowed to let their creativity flow.