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This fact may surprise you but few stocks performed better amid the COVID-19 created chaotic markets. But this shouldn’t surprise you at all, that all of those outstandingly performing stocks are Tech-based e.g. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, etc. generalize the result across any sector and you’ll see only those firms could hold their feet who had invested in up-to-date technology. The case of Assets and Wealth Management (AWM) firms is no different either. Traditional banking, investment, and wealth management firms stood strong too, but they all did take a big hit during these crises. Financial Technology or Fintech in short is much more than just digitization of the banking services.

Fintech offers a wide variety of products and services, often diversified in nature. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robot-advisors are the mainstays of modern Fintech services. The Use of modern technology allows Fintech companies to remain open-source. These services include consumer products like credits, personal loans, and corporate services such as wealth management and investments. In short, Fintech now covers every aspect of banking and investment that once was handled by traditional banking and financial institutes.

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Assets and wealth management firms need high performing stocks, securities, bonds, and industries to make profits. It comes as no surprise as all of the best-performing stocks on any stock market is tech-driven. That leads us to the simple conclusion, which Investment management firm can perform better now and in the near future? No brainer! A financial technology-led firm investing in a modern tech-driven portfolio such as Artificial Intelligence, Green Energy, Robotics, and Live streaming platforms.

The use of ultra-modern technology such as AI, Machine learning, and chatbots is the hallmark of Fintech Firms. Open-source technology covers all aspects of corporate banking such as Credit cards, loans, and wealth management. With the advent of Fintech firms the concepts of banking and wealth management have evolved rapidly, some of the key features and products these tech-based firms offer include:

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  • Digital Cash such as Cryptocurrency
  • Robotic Advisors such as AI-powered Chatbots
  • Open source banking that allows for wider banking products and choices
  • Machine Learning and blockchain; that offer centralized and connected consumer database
  • Open-ended use of Smart Contracts, that allows great flexibility to both consumers and service providers

Financial technology or Fintech is reshaping both Investment and Wealth management and the Online Brokerage industry. Machine learning and AI have reshaped the automated signaling systems in online stock trading. E-commerce and work-from-home businesses are evolving to a whole new level thanks to modern technologies. Without an iota of doubt, the future of wealth management is concomitant with Fintech firms such as Einvestment.

This company offers tailor-made services of wealth management for both individual and corporate investors. This tech firm offers high yield profitability with a careful selection of investments by industry experts. Wealth management requires in-depth financial knowledge and industry experience, the team is well equipped with all the necessary tools of modern technology. Both executive and non-executive board members have years of experience and skills to back their services on offer. The team has years of Investment and wealth management experience. Some of the key features of wealth management services include:

  • High yield profitability with investments in futuristic technology
  • Lowest minimum investment requirement which boasts the inclusivity
  • Online and paperless partnership offering, allowing investors to monitor their investment with just a few clicks
  • Frequent profit disbursement with intuitive investors portal and option to reinvest
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Being an online platform, 24/7 customer support through a dedicated helpline and instant chats are the basic formalities. The experienced team also guides you through investment opportunities and expected returns. Their performance is evident from the fact that they distributed high performing returns on investments as high as 5.24% in July.

Investors have the right of due diligence before they put their hard-earned money in any stock. It is part of the Gulliver group of companies based in Lisbon, Portugal since 2015. The Gulliver’s group is not only a diversified group of companies but has been an active supporter of world charities since its inception. The Gulliver Group is also a proud partner and sponsor of the Sporting Club Portugal; one of the leading football teams in Lisbon, Portugal. Maximizing shareholder’s wealth is the prime purpose of any business.

However, good businesses always give back to the community. Support for Charities and sporting clubs are a clear indication of the Gulliver group’s corporate social responsibility actions towards society. Gulliver’s group has also been actively supporting international charity organization programs.

Global financial markets are under pressure in the current circumstances of COVID-19, the investment rates on conventional stocks are fluctuating. The only surviving and reliable investment opportunities lay down with the forward-looking tech-based stocks such as Fintech. Open source banking channels are breaking the conventional barriers of banking disruptions for both individual and corporate customers. In the past, the way the brokerage industry reshaped with the invention of the internet, modern technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping investment managements.

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Traditional wealth management was investing in corporate banking, Stocks, and Govt. backed securities. For both individual and corporate investors, the way forward is only through Fintech based investments. The Financial advisory sector has totally evolved with the use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, online Robo-advisors in Stock trading is just one example. Today’s investors are young and fully equipped with modern technology, called Millennial. Most of them prefer to invest in platforms offering online collaboration and digital products.

The paradigm of investments and technology has shifted towards the innovative Fintech wealth management firms. Use of the modern technology such as machine learning and AI has opened new horizons for banking services; the autonomy of technology has led to increased independence of choices for the consumers. Thus offering all the characteristics of high yield profitability, innovation, and autonomy of investment options.