We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and technology seems to be evolving at a rapid pace. Businesses and individuals that fail to keep up with the prime technology achievements might be left behind. Understanding the key achievements in science and technology will enable everybody to grasp the opportunities.

With evolving technology and new technological innovation, the technological achievements of 2024 can be a good topic for your college science say. You will find an essay sample over the internet that is available for free. These will tell you how to structure your science essay. If you are confused as to how to structure it and what ideas to include, there are many services like Eduzaurus to help you out. If you plan to write your science essay, make sure that the content is well-researched.

To stay updated about the current technological trends and include minute details in your essay on science keep reading.

Artificial Intelligence

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AI or Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of buzz in the present time. No doubt, this is a trend to watch, mainly because it is going to impact how you work, live, and play.

AI is the computer system that has been developed for mimicking human intelligence. It can perform various tasks such as recognize images, make decisions, recognize patterns or speeches. The technology is still in its early stages, but it can perform all these tasks a lot faster than humans. All science essay examples on technology trends are sure to include this.

A majority of the American are using AI services in some form or the other. You will be surprised to know that smartphone personal assistant, navigation apps, and smart home devices are AI services. Artificial intelligence can be used for assessing business risk, saving money, or scheduling trains. This is a hot topic in the present day scenario.

Machine Learning

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Machine learning is actually a sub-part of artificial intelligence. Through this, computers are programmed in such a way that they learn to do this by discovering insights and patterns from the data they are fed.

It is being deployed in various industries and it is creating the need for a large number of expert professionals. By 2024, the Machine Learning market is expected to augment to $8.81 billion. Machine Learning applications play a significant role in data mining, data analytics, and pattern recognition.

5g Networks

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Another good discussion for your science essay is 5G Networks. This super-fast internet connection is going to offer unbelievably fast upload and download speed. What’s more, it will also provide a stable connection. 5G mobile networks came into existence in 2019 but they are still quite expensive. Also, it functions in confined areas. 2024 is likely to be the year where it grows exponentially and becomes more affordable. People can expect to enjoy affordable 5G data plans with improved coverage. This is one of the best science achievements of recent times.

Autonomous Driving

Even though we are not at a stage where you can expect routine travel in autonomous cars, it continues to generate great excitement. Elon Musk, the chief of Tesla has said that he expects to develop autonomous vehicles towards the end of 2024. Thus, it can be expected that vehicles with a lesser degree of autonomy like land-changing and automated braking is going to become a common sight. Along with this, other systems inside the car that are not directly associated with driving are going to become reliant on analytics and data capture.

However, it is not only going to be cars, shipping and trucking are also going to become autonomous.

Predictive and Personalized Medicine

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Technology has brought about great changes in the world of healthcare. The ability to secure data from wearable devices like smartphones is going to give people the ability to predict and treat health problems even before they see any symptoms.

Again, in regards to treatment, it can be expected that there is going to be a new technological breakthrough, especially in the field of personalized medicine that is also called precision medicine. It allows doctors to prescribe precise medicines and apply the respective treatment that is going to be effective. Precise medicine is data-driven, and it can predict how effective the medicine can be for the patient.

The recent developments in the field of AI and genomics are offering a better understanding of how people’s bodywork differently and how one is better equipped to fight diseases than the other. Different people react differently to treatment or medication.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Virtual reality will help you to get immersed in a certain environment; augmented reality, on the other hand, can improve that environment. Even though VR has mainly been used for gaming till now, it has also been used for training like VirtualShip that is simulation software used for training U.S. Navy, Coast Guard ship captains, and army. One of the popular examples of AR is Pokemon Go.

AR, as well as VR, has great potential in entertaining, training, marketing, education, and rehabilitation. Both of them can be used by doctors to perform surgery or enhance a theme park.

The major players of VR in the market are Google, Oculus, and Samsung. However, many startups are coming, and the demand for AR and VR is only going to increase with time.


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Albeit, a majority of the people think Blockchain is only associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it offers security that can be useful in various other ways. Blockchain, in simple words, can be described as data that you can add to and not change or take away from. This is how the term ‘Chain’ has come up as you are forming a chain of data. It is secure because you will not be able to change the previous blocks. Since blockchain is consensus-driven, no one will actually be able to gain control over the data. With blockchain, you will not require a trusted third-party to validate or oversee transactions. Many industries are using blockchain.

No matter which technology you choose to write on, you should have enough information with you before starting the essay. It is better to have an outline before starting. You shouldn’t just assume that anyone reading it will know everything about technology. So you will have to explain the uncommon terms. You can check science essays samples on how to write.

All the above-mentioned technologies are changing the world. These can be promising career potential. Businesses need to tap into these technologies to ensure a good profit and a foothold in the industry. 2024 is when the world will get to see how transformational changes are going to have an effect on our lives.