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In today’s digital era, lots of people have been able to enjoy the opportunity of setting up their own business at home. By setting up a home office, you can run various types of business ventures from your own home. This enables you to enjoy all the benefits of working from your own home, earning a good living, and being your own boss.

However, while there are many benefits that come with setting up your own home business, there are also challenges and issues you may have to face. This includes a rising number of unsolicited and nuisance calls from unknown numbers or cold callers, which could come through on both business mobile and landline numbers. These calls can become very frustrating, but there are steps you can take, and PeopleFinders may be able to help.

What Can You Do?

If you find that your business is receiving a lot of unsolicited and nuisance calls, there are steps you can take. If you often receive calls from the same number, it may be attackers or a competing company. In this case, you can use service and find out who this person is, and also find his other contact information: email, social media profile, address, etc. Also, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put far more stringent rules and regulations into place about nuisance callers, and this means you can take steps to put an end to the calls your home business is receiving.

Often, these calls will come through using private or unknown numbers, which can make it difficult for you to build a case. However, when you go onto the PeopleFinders site, you can access the reverse phone number lookup tool, which means you can try and find out who has been calling, even if the number is listed as private or comes up as unknown. It also includes both landline and cell phone numbers, so it doesn’t matter what line the calls are coming in from.

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When you receive these unsolicited calls, you need to make sure you tell the company you want to be removed from their database and no longer want to receive calls and communication from them. This is something that they are then obliged to do. However, some companies do not do this, and they continue to call and harass businesses. Using the PeopleFinders tool may enable you to check whether it is the same company calling you over and over again. You can then log the times and dates of the calls, along with details such as when you asked them to remove you from their database.

Once you have all the details noted down about the calls your home business has been receiving, you can take things further with the FCC. You will be able to compile a written report using the information you have logged down to back up your complaint. The FCC can then investigate the complaint. The more people who lodge a complaint against these companies, the easier it will be for the FCC to deal with them.

When you start receiving high levels of calls from cold callers and companies, it can cause a lot of disruption for your business, not to mention blocking off your phone lines. So, the quicker you act, the better it will be.