There are games that make a lot more money than others. An analysis was conducted and it was revealed which games outperformed their competition. Digital sales in the world of games are constantly growing, which means that we can expect even greater turnover of money in this industry.

Many games continue to earn high money because of the events associated with them. For example, these are movies that are inspired by games such as WoW, Witcher, Arcane, etc. The connections between games and movies have always existed and this is not something completely new.

Professional players are internet stars and the entire gaming community has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, and all that affects the final earnings. In the following text, we have singled out a few games that stood out from the competition.

1. Super Mario


The first game to be sold at auction for more than a million dollars is Super Mario. This game has been around since 1981 and we still haven’t forgotten it. Thanks to upgrades, it has remained one of the best games ever, which means that it is still played by today’s generations.

Super Mario is a game designed by Nintendo. Inspired by the profession of a plumber, the character Mario was born. There are several different versions of this game and even one crossword puzzle.

It’s called Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Everyone who uses a computer knows about this game, as well as the fictional Mushroom Kingdom in which Mario tries to cope with numerous challenges.

The character of Luigi, who is his brother, often appears, but there are other actors as well. There are various plots in the game, and Mario mostly has one goal, namely to save the kidnapped Princess Peach.

2. Pokémon


Pokemon was also created by the Japanese company Nintendo. The name is an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters. Satoshi Tajiri is the main character responsible for the design of the game, who collected various insects during his childhood and had his own collection. At that time, it was one of the most popular activities among Japanese children, and Tajiri revived his passion at a more mature age.

The first game was made in 1996, and it was intended for the Game Boy handheld console. Here the emphasis was on the cooperative game. In the beginning, there were over 100 Pokemon, and this game is experiencing real popularity after the series was shown.

After the first season, several more series with several seasons were released. As the years went by, Pokemon did not stop being popular, because the last series was published a couple of years ago. After that, Pokemon GO also appears. This game was created as an April Fool’s joke, where there was talk of a new feature on Google Maps. The main task in this game is to find Pokemon on the map and capture them.

3. Call of Duty


It is an epic game, historically authentic. Thanks to the work and dedication of experienced developers, the game has reached its peak of popularity. A lot of time and money has been invested to achieve artistic directing, audio design and high-level storytelling.

The players first had the opportunity to start this adventure on a PC, and then the developers managed to expand it to home consoles. All the parts that came out over time focus on World War II while newer games are set in a modern age or future.

4. Wii games


This is a type of simulation game designed for consoles. A Series of games were released by Nintendo. The Wii is definitely one of the most popular consoles ever made. The reason is the interaction of high-level players, as well as great availability.

This means that entertainment is provided to players at all levels. For example, it is a great choice for all those who want to play games with their children. In earlier years, Wii games were much cheaper than the competition which made them an even more popular choice.

5. Pac-Man


Another legendary game is Pac-Man. There is no person who has not played this addictive game at least once. This is a timeless classic and it is still as popular as before. Our yellow, hungry hero is an icon of arcade games and pop culture from the eighties.

Pac-Man produced its market only through video games with toys, clothes, books, etc. One of the great advantages is that it serves male and female audiences. At the time this game was released, most games had a similar goal. For example, it was killing opponents, groups of opponents and the like. The idea of ​​non-violent play in the diet was very tempting for most.

6. Warcraft


WoW, series all time focus on the conflict and the eternal struggle between the Alliance and the Horde. A large number of players are equally interested in this game today. First of all, this game is not easy to play. It takes a lot of information to get started successfully, as well as a lot of experience to succeed.

However, it will give you a lot of fun in return, and it is a platform where you will meet a lot of new people. Communities made up of players around the world are a great thing for several reasons. In addition to finding good company there, you will have the opportunity to get help from more experienced players.

There is a special atmosphere that only WoW players can feel. Throughout the story, the players act as one. They will share everything together, the world, adventures, experiences, etc. WoW may have had its ups and downs, but over the years it has existed and made huge profits.

That is why he is on our list today. Although several parts have been published to date, players often return to the beginning. WoW classic lasts longer which means it’s a bigger challenge, and many old gamers are just nostalgic about it. You can find many websites where you can find Wow boost which speaks volumes how popular Wow is today, as it was 10 years ago like


The gaming industry is worth over 100 billion dollars, where 2/3 is due to mobile gaming in recent years, and the rest are PC games and consoles. This ranks the gaming industry among the most valuable global entertainment industries.