The fifth generation of mobile internet brings multiplied flow rates, higher coverage and capacity, and almost complete absence of data transmission delays. The speeds it offers are 10 to 100 times higher than before. It is most widely used in automation and control of production processes, medicine, utilities, agriculture and the automotive industry. Many other countries besides China have launched 5G services in selected areas, but the Chinese commercial network is the largest.

This country has really continued with its ambitions to lead in the new generation of ultra-fast wireless technology. It is important to single out ZTE as a strategic partner and main supplier, because it has just proposed this intelligent solution when it comes to delivery. If you want to know more about this topic, keep reading and find some interesting information in the rest of the text.

About ZTE


We are well acquainted with this partially state-owned company, which has been successfully ruling in the field of technology for years. Perhaps the first association of this company is precisely to their excellent mobile devices, but their business extends far.

This also applies to wireless connections, optical transmission, telecommunication data transmission, etc. Due to that and many advantages, we can classify ZTE among other large manufacturers.

When we talk about products, we can classify them into several categories. In that case, this company is behind various network operator equipment, network access equipment and software. This Chinese company is very high on the scale when it comes to mobile phones, but also tablets.

About 5G


As we all know, this fifth generation of mobile internet has brought us multiplied flow rates, greater coverage and responsiveness. For example, it is now possible to download only one season of a series within a few seconds. Of course, this is not the only advantage this network offers.

All its other characteristics are a significant improvement and it is a revolutionary step that will start changing the world. Namely, the application of 5G systems is especially important in areas where extremely low signal delay or transmission of large amounts of data in real time is required.

This applies to telemedicine, and there is a very important transmission and processing of medical data. Of course, when it comes to operations, everything is much safer with 5G because the delays are very small. On the other hand, virtual reality allows models to practice for some dangerous actions.

In addition, the surgeon is very easily trained for special operations and general safety is raised. We must not forget the systems for irrigation, dusting, and fertilization of the premises, which are now controlled remotely, etc.

The expansions of ZTE and 5g technology


While previous series 1 to 4 networks aimed to solve the problem of communication between people, the 5G network solves the problem of communication between people and devices, as well as between devices with each other. So, China has given the green light for the commercial use of this super-fast wireless technology, and so even in remote parts it has covered all cities.

Then came the wide delivery of 5G smartphones numbering several million, only dozens of new mobile phones were launched on the market at an affordable price. This is the operator with the world’s largest network and number of clients. Telecommunications operators in that country initially offered customers 5G services at a starting price of 18 dollars per month.

However, very quickly as many as 50% of the phones sold had 5G support. Domestic producers such as ZTE had a significant share. So, the whole project is taken very seriously and this is evidenced primarily by large investments. A huge number of investments only in telecommunication networks cover 5G infrastructure.

This means that the state has seriously prepared for the new generation of mobile technology. As a consequence, many innovative solutions are emerging. Also, ZTE 5G is already implemented with more than 70 operators globally, as you can read at

ZTE and the pandemic


The growing threat posed by the COVID-19 virus is affecting the economy and investments around the world. Global and interconnected business environments have found themselves under a serious threat that leads to significant income losses. On the other hand, people’s lives have suddenly changed and everyone has spent most of their time at home.

Maintaining social distance has become commonplace, and during that time the world has stagnated. Of course, man is a being who needs connection and communication. That is why the technology was used and so ZTE achieved serious results on the market.

Advantages of ZTE

If we look at it in relation to other suppliers who are focused on one technological area, we can say a lot. The investment is planned in the first place. ZTE invests more than 10% of its total annual earnings to improve in the fields of communication network, core network, and intelligent network technologies.

Of course, during their many years of work, they have a lot of experience in the communication industry and have developed maximum flexibility when it comes to my functions.

Based on these and many other advantages, they have gained the trust of their consumers, who always return to them with satisfaction. This is because they are constantly advancing and providing better integrations and performance than others.

5G network requirements

We all know that 5G is one of the most complex networks in the world. Given that one of the largest populations is behind it, you may have suspected for a moment that certain requirements, such as coverage, etc., would be met.

It is true that great challenges have been set for China, but it has done very well. When it comes to technical innovations, ZTE is a convincingly leading company. Good infrastructure has spurred a whole host of new 5G-based applications.

The next generation network is considered a fundamental element of China’s new digital infrastructure, which aims to lead greater connectivity for consumers and businesses. ZTE also fully responds to various combinations of challenges related to the overseas market

… It is this operator that is ready to provide assistance to other operators in various countries. Thus, they will also be able to achieve maximum success when it comes to the development of digital technology.


So, despite the fact that the other biggest nations are constantly trying to slow down progress with sanctions, they didn’t succeed. China has definitely won and left all other developed countries far behind. We hope we helped you find out more about this topic.