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Are you into photography business like a wedding photographer, fashion photographer, or an event photographer? How often have your clients asked you about the camera model and lens models which you use? I guess the answer would be more than 80 percent.

Camera Gear Matters

Some clients will give you business after seeing your works. Others would be reluctant to confirm the order unless they know what camera gear you use. So, today, it is essential to have the latest camera gears with you to ensure that you get more clients.

You may be an excellent photographer who can capture beautiful pictures even with an entry level DSLR camera. But, if you bring the same camera for work, your client won’t be happy. So, staying up to date with the latest camera gear is the need of the hour.

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It doesn’t mean that carrying a high-end camera is sufficient enough to get more business. You should be equally good with your photography skills. High-end cameras can get you good quality images with better noise performance and dynamic range.

Nowadays, we are seeing new camera bodies and lenses getting released every three months. So, the frequency of release has increased. New models attract every photographer with its exciting features like improved focusing speed, better dynamic range, and excellent noise performance.

So, if you are in the business side of photography, then you will be forced to go for the upgrade to ensure that you have the latest gears. Even people who have taken photography as their main hobby upgrades their camera gear regularly, whenever the new one is out in the market.

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Emerging Mirrorless Camera Segment

Now, we are seeing more newer models of mirrorless cameras in the market than the DSLRs. So, Is it an indication of the decline of the DSLR cameras?

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It is Sony who made this camera technology popular with their Alpha series of mirrorless cameras. Better performance of the Sony cameras attracted a top section of photographers to this format. It made the Canon and Nikon tempted to enter this market, and they too came up with their mirrorless camera bodies and lenses.

The only downside of the mirrorless is for the wildlife and sports photographers. Only Sony offers lens in the super telephoto range for shooting wildlife. Canon and Nikon have come with the adapter which makes some of the existing telephoto lenses compatible with their mirrorless bodies. So, you need to make an additional investment on the adapter.

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Growing Competition

The number of photographers has increased by 3 to 4 times during the last ten years. So, there is a growing competition in the field of photography along with the camera technology.

It is the initial demand for photographers, which led to the rise in the number of photographers. So, when the competition grows tough, gear becomes important, especially when most of the photographers are good with their photo editing skills.