In the last decade, the word big data has gained different flavors. It all started with the launching of Hadoop by Yahoo about eight years ago and ever since it has had tremendous growth. In this article, we are going to discuss in details the top 10 companies to select for your data science project. These list of companies will be very essential when it comes to leveraging potential big data firms across the industry as you decide on the specific company to target. So let us begin right away. If you are interested more about this topic visit for Data Science Courses.



For so long, the company has been delivering when it comes to the promise of big data. Generally, leveraging big data analytics is difficult especially on huge data sources. It becomes difficult to have a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. Besides, it is also challenging to augment the relevance of desired offers as well as campaigns. Impetus will help you significantly in this regard. It provides relevant solutions which provide different insights. The following points show how you will benefit:

1. Advanced defense against deceit and progressive risk management.

2. An enhanced Compliance along with Regulatory Reporting

3. Campaign management



This among the top software development along with testing companies. Its industry reputation is attributed to the efficiency of the solutions offered to its clients. The company was recently added in “The Best of The Global Outsourcing 100®” by IAOP and certified as a Service Organization Control 2® compliant company. Svitla Systems do all it takes to ensure all the data, as well as the operations, are very secure. It is very committed to the very best processes. The following are engagement models it offers:

1.Software Consulting

2. Build-to-Order Software Applications

3. Managed Team Extension.

The company also provide expertise across different industries. It uses very innovative technologies in the upcoming industries.



This is a software developing firm with intelligence platform, productivity and data integration among other valuable services. The company has adaptive teams with the needed experience. It offers a wide range of products and solutions. If you really need a big data company, this is among the best out there. It is highly trusted by clients. In fact, it has at least 95% Delivery Satisfaction and a very high customer recommendation. Some of its core values include a high degree of professionalism, excellence, and perseverance.



S-PRO is yet another software company you can consider for your data science project. The company offers personalized solutions for both entities and startups. The company has proven experience across the industry. For instance, it developed an app that lessened sales cycle to one from four. The following are some of the services it offers:

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Design and Branding

3. Enterprise Automation

  Web Application Development



Based at Silicon Valley, this is a reputable firm in software solutions. It deals with data sciences, engineering and analytics services. To design quality technical solutions it leverages the following:

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Machine Learning

3. Big Data



IDEAS2IT is an innovation partner in software solutions you can deal with in your data science project.  Its success in data science is attributed to many years of domain expertise along with statistics and data processing. It has also been very successful when it comes to blockchain technology. The company helps other entities to leverage AI, getting them ready for the coming decade of technical invention.

Treselle Systems

This is a software company that offers Big Data approach, architecture and product development services meant to help clients gain tactical business understandings through capturing, supporting and effortlessly getting access to a number of data across various platforms. This is a reputable firm with numerous recognitions in the industry. The company values all its clients and works to ensure they are all satisfied with the end products they are offered. 


NEX is a key player in software solutions across the industry. It not only revolutionizes your entity, but it also empowers it. Your business will be able to expand to new heights. NEX develops dependable software solutions designed to suit your personal needs. You will gain a competitive edge if you employ its innovative app solutions. You can also leverage your personalized solutions for using data calculation and processing in order to remove data power and boost the image of your brand.



Clavax transforms ideas and boost time-to-market and augments digital strategy in order to defeat the best across the industry. The company has innovative strategies which lead to actual business value and designs a proper product for the days to come. It is disposed towards digital development and this leads to smatter development approaches for building outstanding experiences specifically for your brands as well as its target audience. When offering software consulting services, the company ensures there is a successful collaboration right from the inception of the idea to when the project is launched.

Leveraging the Power of Analytics (LPA)


This is a consulting and service entity with very unique expertise when it comes to analytics. It offers so many services including the following:

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Business Intelligence

3. Data Science

Predictive and progressive analytics

The company has experienced teams where each member is well acquainted with analytic and software solutions. The team has always been eager to form partnerships with its clients for their own benefits. 


Have been on a search for a company to deal with in your data science project? Well, we have discussed the 10 companies that can be helpful in this regard. Contact either of them and you will have the best experiences throughout your project development.