How does paying for dinner in bitcoins sound? Or buying groceries with this popular digital currency? Well, the most popular cryptocurrency of today is not without unclearness and controversies. However, one thing is for certain. Every day, more and more businesses are accepting it.

For example, we have Belarus who approved bitcoin for all kinds of transactions within a country without any taxes paid in the process. Today we are not going to talk about the countries that are popular destinations for owners of cryptocurrencies nor about online trading communities, you should definitely check out, like BitcoinTalkShow.

We are going to be slightly more precise than that. We are going to talk about cities that became very popular bitcoin destination in the last few years. All of these countries emerged as bitcoin powerhouses in the last decade.

San Francisco, The United States


Unsurprisingly, California has become one of the centers in today’s world of cryptocurrencies. This city has more than 150 bitcoin merchants and more than 25 ATM who sell bitcoin. Compared to the population of 837K, we can say that this city is not a pushover in the world of digital currencies. Furthermore, this city was the home to Coinbase startup, which later developed the world’s most popular online bitcoin wallet.

Tel Aviv, Israel


Israel as a country is a powerhouse when it comes to all kinds of technology. However, the city of Tel Aviv recently become one of the biggest cryptocurrency centers in the world. It has four bitcoin ATMs and 58 bitcoin-accepting merchants in a population of 404K. One of the most active bitcoin meetup groups in the world is located in Tel Aviv and it’s called “The Israel Bitcoin Meetup Group”. It has more than 1700 active members.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


A small country on the Balkan peninsula has recently become one of the cryptocurrency heavens. Its capital Ljubljana is a town with the smallest population on this list of ours. Only 272K live in Ljubljana. This city features 5 ATMs and about 50 merchants who accept bitcoin as the way of payment. One of the world’s most popular bitcoin exchange company Bitstamp has HQ in the capital of Slovenia.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The capital city of Netherlands has an impressive number of bitcoin-accepting merchants, 74. It has one bitcoin ATM on the population of 779K. The Netherlands is a country that has an impressive bitcoin community in many different towns like the Hague or Utrecht. But Amsterdam is home to the leading startups in the world of bitcoin BitPay and BitFury.

Vancouver, Canada


Canada has a strong Bitcoin community. Also, Canada was the first country in the world to sign an official law which regulates virtual currencies.

Vancouver has an impressive number of bitcoin ATMs, 48, and almost a hundred merchants who accept bitcoin. For example, almost all of the finest restaurants in the city are accepting bitcoin. This is the home of the first bitcoin ATM in the world. Furthermore, this city is the home of the HQ of the Quadriga CX bitcoin exchange.