Bitcoin trading platforms have gained immense popularity from the past few years. All of these platforms have the broker as a middleman to execute the trades.

Bitcoin, being the current hot topic comes every day with some kind of new stories. The following points cover the top Bitcoin stories this week.

1. SLP Token allows BTC transaction with BCH fees


Bitcoin recently in the month of January launched the application that helps you swap between cryptocurrency assets. One of its assets that gained much popularity is the SLP based token known as BTC2. The token performs under the operating principle of Bitcoin Cash. You can use this token from the platform to exchange it for BTC coins a very lower transaction rate which is even less than a penny.

2. Government-backed program in India offering Blockchain course


Though in India the final decision for cryptocurrencies is yet in the process, recently a government-backed course has been introduced in a learning platform called ‘Swayam’. It is a 12-week undergraduate free course that educates students about- Blockchain

Architecture, Usage, history, fundamentals of Bitcoin, how to master Bitcoin and so on. The course is prepared by more than 1000 handpicked educational experts. It also offers you the option to have certification through a paid written exam which you need to clear. In India, Swayam exam center is available in all major cities currently.

3. Alegoria uplifts Bitcoin transactions for Walmart and Home Depot products


Alegoria is an online platform that lets you buy any product from Home Depot and Walmart by using Bitcoins. You can select any product from the two stores by copying its URL and pasting it in Alegoria’s platform. You will soon be displayed with the product cost with other additional charged. To buy them from the Shopping cart, you can easily use BCH, BTC, LTC and ZEC crypto coins instead of fiat currencies. Alegoria is a safe platform to go for. You need to create an account there and then it will enable you to buy a range of products from these two stores using Bitcoins, Litecoins and Zcash.

4. Coinbase introduces debit cards in 6 counties in Europe


The 6 lucky countries to have the Coinbase debit card recently are- Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The card functions in a similar way as traditional debit and credit cards involving fiat currencies. Through this card, the above-mentioned UK residents can pay using Bitcoin cash (BCH) to buy any products wherever card payments are accepted. The citizens can even use the card for ATM withdrawals. You can also make BCH transactions using Hong Kong’s and Spain’s Bitsa card.

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