If you are tired of their usual job and if you are looking for ways to explore your passion and start your own business, this article can be quite useful for you. In the text below, you will be able to read some of the best startup business ideas that can generate good revenue and that are easy to build if the time is right. Keep in mind that some of these ideas require only an Internet connection, while others require you to get licensed. Let’s take a look at the startup ideas:

1. Social Media Management


If you know your way around social media platforms, then this job is one of the best startup ideas that you should follow. In this technological era, companies, organizations, and business are aware of the power of digital marketing. They know that if they want to reach their targeted audience, social media management is absolutely crucial for their business. You can be a social media consultant for companies that need promotion.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is yet another digital marketing method that can be a productive startup business. It is a basic, simple marketing strategy where you promote other developing or reputed company’s services or products.

You will get commissions based on how much you succeed in promoting the company. Affiliate marketing is quite easy and money-making if you have a portal or blog, you have a lot of traffic on your website, and if your relationship with consumers is already good.

3. Vacation Rental System


According to the experts from StartupBasics, in 2024, the trend of renting a home to tourist has become increasingly popular. If you live at a place where the tourism industry is well-developed, you can register your home to a rental-listing platform to promote traffic and interest in your home.

4. Bookkeeping Services

If you have amazing command over numbers, then this startup ideas is best for you. Some bookkeepers do have diplomas and certified degrees, however, it is not necessary to be a certified public accountant for this job. All you will have to be is good at numbers.

5. Online Photography


If you love photographing, then you must have tried displaying your photographs physically. However, if you want to reach more people and make a business from the comfort of your home, online photography is probably the best startup idea for you. Of course, in order to do this job, you will need a professional camera and a computer. Once you have established yourself on popular stock photo platforms, you can easily create your own site where you will display your photographs, as well as earn money.

6. E-Commerce Store

One of the most popular startup business ideas is starting an E-commerce store. If you have good service or product ideas, but you do not want to open a physical store, you can opt for opening an E-commerce store instead.

Since it is low cost and time-efficient, it is the most viable business idea for people. It will not only save you a lot of time, but you will also be able to efficiently manage your stock and inventory. Also, you will be able to reach more people through an online store.


As you were able to learn, these are some of the best startup business idea for 2024. The startup ideas will not only generate revenue, but they will also bring you more pleasure in life than your current job. Hence, if you are looking to start your own job, do not waste any more time and start planning your business strategy and plan right away.