What Should You Consider When Buying an Office?

Companies who are planning to buy commercial property must be aware here of how this choice is important for their business. Office space does not only impact the workflow by affecting your employees’ mood, productivity, and even health but also acts as the face of your business.

An attractive comfortable office will make your employees feel more at ease and elevate your brand image, encouraging your potential partners to collaborate with you. Want to achieve great results by properly organizing office space but don’t know where to start? Check out these top factors to consider when purchasing an office or click here to find more information.

Decisive Factor – Budget


Price is probably the key factor for most businesses when they’re choosing a new office space. When the price is too low, it’s suspicious. When it’s too high, it might not be affordable.

So, first, you have to figure out if you’re ready to fully cover the property price. If no, there must be at least half of the sum ready — and you should be prepared to take a loan.

Find out if building-related things like parking and maintenance are included in the cost, if electricians, plumbers, and other workers that will help you take care of your office are assigned to the building. Compare the cost of the deal to other prices in the area.

The answers to these give you a clear image of affordability, help you account for unexpected expenses, and figure out if the building owners ask for a fair cost.

Employees’ Comfort

Do your employees a favor — take care of their comfort. Choosing an ergonomic chair or desk is mandatory to ensure they feel comfortable in their workplace — as well as ergonomic furniture in general.

These include armrest, lumbar support in and comfortable castor wheels for chairs, tables that allow a person sitting at them to stretch their legs, elevation mechanism for chairs or tables, and so on. The physical comfort of your workers is the basic step towards their productivity.

Materials to Use for Office Furniture


Steel and aluminum are some of the most widely utilized metals. Steel furniture elements live longer than aluminum, but aluminum materials are lighter. Wooden office furniture — tables, shelves, diner chairs — looks cozy and respectable at the same time. Glass is often fragile and cold, but it is also very smart and, you know, gives off executive vibes.

Decide based on what feelings you’d like to invoke in your co-workers and clients with the office space — on, of course, your budget. Wooden furniture can be super expensive, as well as glass tables, — but plastic, on other hand, isn’t very reliable for the long term.

Warranty & Guarantee Of Furniture

If you prefer online shopping, read the store’s terms and conditions thoroughly. This is how you will be able to protect yourself from financial losses due to the damage of goods during shipping.

Also, you’ll be informed about important things related to the order: shipping period, refund and return policy, details on what party is responsible for the shipping costs, furniture assembling, and so on. Warranty always serves as an indicator of quality. The longer the term of the warranty, the better the product is made.

What Location Should You Choose?


Location is another key factor in choosing the perfect office. The right general atmosphere is important as it tunes the workers for the working mood.

Here are the two boxes to tick to find your perfect place to work:

  1. Can my clients find me without hassle?
  2. Is it easy for my employees to commute there and from there?

Consider proximity to food and sports facilities. Google offices, for instance, are never more than 150 feet from grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants — and there’s often a gym in the building. This is done so employees could rest and bond while exercising and eating together.

Some of your employees may have a fear of walking alone at night (pay great attention to this if you have employees who work on the night shifts). Consider a busy location with lots of light and multiple transport options in proximity.

Office Space

Enough working space is important as it keeps employees focused on their tasks. In general, it’s recommended to have at least 70 sq ft of space for one person, but if you can afford to get more—do so.

Meeting and rest areas are also a must, as it’s already been mentioned. These are the places where employees will be able to do conference calls without distractions and relax.

Find out:

  1. Is there enough space for meeting clients?
  2. Is there extra space to place new workers according to growth plans?
  3. Would my employees be satisfied with the recreation and social areas?

Consult your employees on how you prefer to organize their space, find out if they need storage shelves, or larger desks, or else. Let your office have a few areas designed for more than one person and more common areas like coffee bars or lounge rooms.

Aesthetic for Office Design


Regardless of the nature of your business, functional, beautiful design will make things better than disorganized, messy space. Comfortable furniture, natural colors, and natural light will give your office a representative look, help your employees get used to the space quicker, and find their own places inside of it.

When solving the question of interior design, it’s also best to consult with your employees. Studies show employees’ productivity gains when they have greater personal control over their comfort. It’s not necessary to delegate all decisions to them: choose a few options of colors, texture, and layout you like — and ask them to pick a favorite.

It’s better to choose an office space that’ll be as close to what you’ll want to see in it as possible — so you won’t have to do major renovations or redecorations.

Choosing and Purchasing an Office Space Is Challenging

When selecting the office space for your business, price is crucial but not always a decisive factor. Make the comfort of your workers a priority. The right office your team loves is essential for their productivity, creativity, and well-being. And those things help them perform better.