Printers are used in almost every office and at home. For printers to function, they need cartridges which are essential components. Different printers require different cartridges. Before buying a printer, research if its cartridges are readily available. It is therefore advised to choose the most appropriate cartridge for your printer to function correctly.

Types of printer cartridges


The most used types of printers are the laser printers are inkjet printers. Inkjets are the most used by standard printers in most corporate and homes. Inkjet uses ink cartridges, whereas the laser one uses laser cartridges. Three types of printer cartridges are used on various printers.

1. OEM cartridges (new) – The Original Equipment Manufacturer is one of the widely used and oldest cartridges. They are known for there brand name and superior quality. They usually carry the name of its manufactures such as Canon, Epson, and so forth. OEM cartridges are expensive but guarantee efficiency and quality prints.

2. Re-manufactured cartridges -Even though they are recycled, they are known for efficiency. They are available in both toner and inkjet varieties. Using such cartridges is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly. They are the best alternative for new cartridges because of there pocket-friendly prices.

3. Compatible cartridges – Compatible cartridges are the same as OEM but are less expensive. It doesn’t have any brand name, but they are efficient and effective, just like any other cartridge. They are the best alternative to the OEM cartridges.

Difference between new and re-manufactured toner cartridges


New (OEM) Printer Cartridges

This are printer cartridges manufactured by your printer manufacturer. They are built for a specific type or group of printers. The printer manufacturers spend a lot of time on development and research of their cartridges and printers, which in turn makes OEM cartridges more expensive.

New printer cartridges are known to be reliable and sometimes your only option if you are operating a new brand of printers. OEM toners and inks are products with set standards and performance. They produce incredible print work, dependable, and they specifically designed to work with OEM printers.

Remanufactured Printer Cartridges

This is brand cartridges that have been recycled. After cartridges have been used, it is taken by a re-manufacturing company and professionally recycled. They use the same shell as the brand cartridge; hence, they look similar to the OEM cartridges.

During the re-manufacturing process, they are dissembled, thoroughly cleaned, tested for quality, and any damaged internal parts are replaced. They are then refilled with toner or ink to the same level as the brand cartridge, test again, and then they are ready for use.

Re-manufactured printer cartridges typically cost less than new cartridges since they don’t require many components. By using the same shell as the new cartridge, manufacturing cost remain low.

If you buy a new printer brand, it may take some time to get its re-manufactured printer cartridges. Buying OEMs are good for the environment as it prevents used cartridges ending up to a landfill.

Should you expect the same reliability from Re-manufactured Printer Cartridges as an OEM printer cartridge?


Yes, they are the same as long as you purchase the cartridge from a reputable manufacturer. Due to high market competition, you will get different quality and reliability from different manufacturers. Take time to research to get a reliable manufacturer.

Should you expect the same page yield and print quality from Re-manufactured Printer Cartridges?

Yes, cartridges from trusted manufacture will produce the same page yield as OEM cartridge. This is because most of the re-manufactured printer cartridges undergo intensive reliability tests and quality to make sure the end product is reliable.

All cartridges are filled to the recommended ink levels by the manufacturer so that you can get the same number of prints.

Will using an aftermarket cartridge void your printer’s warranty?

No, your printer warranty can’t be voided because of using aftermarket printer cartridge. There is no associate, company, service technician, or company that can deny you a refund or service because you are covered under a warranty program for using the compatible product.

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