When you own a warehouse, no matter how big or small it is, there are a few things you simply can’t do without. One of them is a forklift. When buying a forklift, a lot of people make a careful purchase since it is a big investment, and they also look for something durable and sturdy. On the other hand, many companies would rent you their forklift, but when you make a calculation, you will be wasting much more money over time that way then when you buy your own.

With a big market out there, it becomes quite difficult to pick the right forklift. While some prefer to buy brand new ones, others like the idea of a refurbished one. You can save a lot of money if you choose to buy a used machine. But don’t think a refurbished forklift will put you at a disadvantage. There are many benefits to purchasing a refurbished forklift.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished forklift?


1. Value for money:

When you buy a new vehicle, its value drops instantly. So, the biggest advantage of going for a rebuilt forklift is its value for money. That helps you save up close to 50% of the money that you would have spent on buying a new one. This is the right decision for the warehouses that have limited budgets or are starting anew. And to maintain that forklift, you may as well opt for aftermarket parts, which are just as good as OEM parts but affordable.

2. An Extra Asset:

A perfectly rebuilt forklift can be used for specific tasks for which you don’t want to spend truckloads of money. People also buy rebuilt forklifts as extra or a backup. That will also result in less wear or tear of the truck and serve the purpose right.

3. Instant Purchase:

Well, while looking for new trucks, you might have to spend a lot of time testing it and then spending more time choosing from the lot. If you don’t want to waste your time on this, go for a second-hand forklift truck. All you need to check is its mechanical condition and take it for a test run.

4. Already tested:

One thing that you can be sure of is that the second-hand truck you’re looking to buy has already been tested. The forklift carried out the same tasks as you would need it for in your warehouse. You just need to replace a few parts (only if required), and the forklift will be good to go.

What should you look for when buying a refurbished truck?


1. Kind of work:

When you’re out to buy a rebuilt forklift, make sure you choose the one that performs the kind of work you need it for. Since different forklifts are used for different purposes, make sure you’re looking at the right one.

2. Size:

Well, forklifts come in different sizes. The bigger ones are used to lift heavy things while smaller ones are used for narrow spaces. Keep in mind for what purpose you need the forklift and buy accordingly.

3. Testing

Don’t buy a second-hand forklift without testing it. Make sure you try using it for the kind of job you will use it for and then test out the right one. If you feel like you need to replace a few parts, get them changed and go ahead to make the purchase.

4. Fuel Effective or Electric:

The usage of the fuel depends on the kind of environment you will be using your forklift in. You use diesel forklifts for outdoor and gas/electric trucks are allowed to use indoors or small warehouses.

5. Ergonomics

Besides many other features related to capacity, size, or fuel-economy, you should also choose a forklift that can provide the driver with proper comfort. Poor seating could cause back injuries and other issues while providing the operator with comfort will help him to finish his tasks much faster and with higher accuracy.

Different Types of Forklifts for a Warehouse


According to your needs and the terrain around your warehouse, you should be aware that choosing a proper machine can be crucial for effectiveness. There are forklifts for rough terrain, counterbalance machines, side loaders, pallet trucks, and cherry pickers.

Counterbalance forklift is the most popular one, and we can see this type of machine in most warehouses across the world. The main reason why this kind of forklift is so popular is that you can easily learn to operate with it. Also, you can choose between diesel, propane, and electric engine.

Another popular choice is a three-wheel counterbalance truck, which looks the same as a standard forklift, but its three wheels allow him to be more agile, which is important if you have a closed warehouse with lots of goods, and the space between shelves is not so wide.

On the other hand, if you have an open warehouse, the best choice would be to get a rough terrain forklift, especially if the area is full of unevenness and dirt. Also, there are many types of these forklifts, and you should select the size and power according to your requirements.

There are also many other types of forklifts, and you should search for some tests and opinions of other people before you decide to buy a forklift, especially a used one.

The Bottom Line


Investing in a new forklift requires a lot of money, with an average cost between $15,000 and $30,000, while used and remanufactured ones can cost less than $10,000, or even around $5,000, in case that you need some lighter version for closed warehouses.

However, you have to be aware of all important factors related to power, size, and the abilities that you need from this machine, and to check the experience of other people who were using the same kind of forklift you are planning to buy. There should not be any difference in quality and potential between a new forklift and one that is remanufactured.

Keep these things in mind if you’re planning to buy a forklift or even better a remanufactured forklift on websites such as You can save tons of money and maybe invest it in other things for growing your business or other investments you want to do in life.