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Today, laser printers are preferred for both offices and home printing because they are faster and more efficient than inkjets. Images and texts printed using toner cartridges are sharper and more appealing, and you can count on them to make your work stand out. Whichever the way you look at them, laser printers and toner products sparkle!

However, even with their demonstrated efficiency, some people still experience serious challenges that result in the high cost of printing, loss of money, and damage to their printers. In this post, we will look at the five things that you need to avoid when using toner cartridges:

Buying Laser Printer Accessories from Any Seller

Because of the fast-rising numbers of people using laser printers, the demand for related accessories has attracted a lot of sellers. However, some of them are mainly interested in optimizing profits as opposed to delivering value to their clients.

When you buy from a seller you do not know, the risk of getting low-quality toner cartridges and other accessories is very high. For example, many people have been complaining that they ordered generic toner cartridges but got remanufactured models. Others indicate the products they ordered were broken in transit, and the sellers refused to take them back. This brings us to the big question, how do you identify a great toner cartridge or other printer accessories, seller?  Here are the things to look for:

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  • How long has the seller been in the market?
  • What quality guarantee does the seller offer?
  • What do the previous clients have to say about the seller?
  • Where does the seller get his supplies?
  • Is the seller legit?
  • Does the seller have a good and binding return policy?

Assuming that All Toner Cartridges are the Same

Some people, especially those new to printers and copiers, make the mistake of assuming that all toner cartridges, especially those that come from the same company, are similar.

If you make this mistake and purchase a toner cartridge, there is a danger of getting stuck with an accessory that you cannot use.

The truth is that from Lexmark to Brother and Epson brands, their printers and toner cartridges are different. These companies have research units that work progressively to improve their products. Therefore, each printer is unique and you should only buy a compatible toner cartridge. To determine the right model of your toner cartridge, here are some useful tips to guide you:

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  • Check the printer manual.
  • Ask your printer manufacturer.
  • Read the label on the printer or toner cartridge.
  • A good printer accessories seller can also help you to determine the cartridge number.

Keeping the Toner Cartridge in Hot Area

The toner used in a toner cartridge comprises of two main components, the pigments, and fine plastic granules. During the printing process, the toner is subjected to high temperatures so that the images or texts are added into the paper. So, if you store the toner cartridges in a hot area, it is likely to start melting, resulting in damages.

To reduce the risk of the toner cartridge getting damaged by high temperatures, you should consider keeping it in a room with good air conditioning. Note that it is not just high temperatures that can damage the toner. Other things, such as too high or low humidity, direct sunlight, and dust can also damage your toner.

Using Bad Toner Refill Kits

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One of the recommended methods of extending the life of a toner cartridge is refilling it. Indeed, you can refill them for about 3-4 times before requiring a replacement. However, you should avoid using the wrong toner refill kits.

If you use the wrong toner refill kits, you are likely to follow wrong instructions and damage your cartridge. Furthermore, toner cartridges and printers are designed to use specific toners, and refilling with the wrong type could result in poor quality prints.

To buy the right refill kit, you should make sure to use the right toner cartridge number. Also, posits that you should only work with trusted dealers. These are sellers who are committed to customer value, have good customer support, and keep a wide range of printing accessories, including refill kits.

Putting Used Toner Cartridges in Landfills

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If you are using a laser printer, there is no doubt that the toner cartridge will get empty at some point. So what do you do with it? Many people simply toss the toner cartridge into their trash bin, but this is a serious mistake.

If the cartridge finds itself into the landfill or water system, toner remnants are likely to pollute the environment with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals. If these chemicals get into the marine life, it is possible for them also to get up the food chain and poison the people.

Apart from the chemicals, most toner cartridges are designed with hard plastics that take thousands of years to disintegrate. This would escalate the current problem of solid wastes around the globe. Instead of throwing away the used toner cartridge, here are some good ways to dispose of it.

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  • If your seller has a program recycling program, simply send the cartridge to him.
  • Reach a local recycling facility and ask them to pick and recycle the toner cartridge.
  • Donate the toner cartridge to charities that run recycling facilities. Most of these facilities recycle the cartridges and use the money to support conservation works or underprivileged people.
  • Refill your toner cartridge. Although the toner cartridge is used up, you can reuse it by refilling it with the correct toner. Simply buy the right toner refill kit and follow the instructions to refill the cartridge correctly. This will be a great way to avoid spending money on a new toner cartridge immediately.

When buying a new toner cartridge, it is important to understand your printer and the type of printing that you want to do. Furthermore, you should know the mistakes that other people have made when buying and using toner cartridges. This post has outlined these mistakes and also demonstrated how you can avoid them.