You have probably noticed how large companies invest a lot in the design of their offices. You should do the same with your office, although this is something that small and medium-sized enterprises owners often overlook. Most try solely to arrange them to be economical in every way. You think that it is enough for your employees to have comfortable chairs, quality laptops and that it is enough for them, and therefore your business, to work successfully.

This is only partially true, because although the ergonomics of the space is very important, it is still important for people to feel good and motivated while at work. There are different ways of decoration to motivate them, and one of the best and cheapest is wallpapers. With wallpapers you can completely change the look of the office and you can even do it every year. That way you will get breath of fresh air annually, and it will not be an expensive investment, nor will it require a lot of work. That’s why we compile for you the best motivational wallpapers ideas for business.

Things to consider before choosing


Before we move on to the ideas we have prepared for you, you should first pay attention to the following things, in order to ideally fit the wallpaper to the space you have.

Open space or not

The first thing that will affect your choice is whether it is open space or not. If it is open space, then it is important to fit the whole space into the same design. On the other hand, if it is a separate office, then you can choose any design you want for each office and thus create a diverse space. You can also ask employees to choose what they want.

Type of work


Think about what your company’s niche is and try to plan offices accordingly. The reason why this is a good approach is because the sensibility of your employees will depend on it. Choose according to whether it is creative work or, for example, something related to the stock market. That is because for someone who deals with economics will not find same things motivational as someone who is web designer.


If you have a very large space available, then you may have a different approach. On the other hand, if the space is small, be careful that the wallpaper visually makes it bigger, and not to reduce it further. That is why then a good choice of 3D wallpaper is on only one wall, for example.

Best motivational wallpapers ideas

1. World map



This is a very attractive choice and can be used for various purposes. There is a very large selection of different world maps. These can be historical, political, different colors, made of flags and many others. In this way, you can motivate employees to “conquer the world” together. They will have the whole world in front of them and they will be able to visualize what it would look like to expand in different markets. You can also hang clocks, so that this wallpaper is useful and serves as an indicator of time zones. See here different world map wallpapers.

2. Forest

Most of us live in cities and we are constantly surrounded by buildings, roads and similar urban things. Everyone misses the time spent in nature to relax the mind and body. Since your employees, like you, do not often have the opportunity to getaway in the forest, then bring the nature to their office. In this way you will create a relaxing atmosphere, which will raise the level of concentration and thus productivity. The choice is huge, so choose according to your affinities and the rest of the decoration. There are wallpapers where the forest is drawn, as well as photos of different types. Whether you prefer an evergreen forest covered with snow or for example a 3D forest of bamboo, it is up to you to choose. You will certainly find what you are looking for.

3. Art


If the art niche is your company, then this is the ideal choice. Whether it is some famous works of art or not, it will certainly have a very nice effect on the look of your room. Imagine, for example, covering one wall in each office with wallpaper that has a famous work of art as its motif. You will create a space that everyone will enjoy, and also your clients will be delighted when they see it. It is very important to leave a good first impression on the client.

4. Graffiti

Graffiti is a form of street art that has been very popular for decades. You can certainly hire someone to draw graffiti on the walls, but it is much easier and cheaper to choose wallpaper with a graffiti motif. Such a choice is ideal for start-ups and similar companies where mostly young people work. It will be extremely motivating for them, because they will feel that they belong where they are.

5. Motivational quotes


You can’t go wrong if you choose motivational quotes. Motivational quotes are very popular, as you can see on social networks like Instagram, where people constantly post them. So choose a few quotes that you like and fit into the philosophy of your business and arrange them so that they welcome employees at the entrance and are constantly in front of their eyes. People always need an extra boost of motivation.

6. Religion motives

This can be tricky because you are likely to have employees of different religions. But if you are doing something that has to do with religion or you have proven that all your employees are of the same religion and that no one is an atheist, then this is one of the best choices for motivation. People who are religious find comfort, faith, motivation and everything else in religion.



After just a few weeks you will notice a rise in productivity. The reason will be precisely the motivating wallpapers that will make employees cheerful during business hours. They will also be fully focused on the progress of the company, and thus their progress, because it will bring them a higher salary, etc. You will achieve all this only with the help of this little trick.