Twitter is the place where news is posted the fastest, links are shared, and various memes flow in streams. But, unlike Facebook, all posts on Twitter are public. And that means that if you write and send a tweet, it becomes available to the whole “Twitter” world, not just your friends or your friends’ friends.

The general publicity of Twitter just means that your funny pictures, witty messages, or the latest news about an event can reach anyone. You can also follow your favorite journalists, athletes, artists, or politicians via Twitter. And you will be able to follow all their posts in one place.

Tweets appear on the feed in chronological order, that is, as they are published. The latest posts come at the very top of the feed, pushing the older ones towards the bottom. Scrolling the feed finds older posts. The tweets you post can contain links, photos, GIFs, or videos.

As for the texts, it is important to keep in mind that the maximum number of characters you can enter is 140. The same number of characters fits in one SMS message (if you still remember them).

It may seem like 140 characters is too little at first, but you’ll realize that the brevity of the message allows the information to be clear even when you scroll the feed quickly.

At first, you may feel like you don’t know what you would be doing on Twitter. Who to follow? What to tweet? Do I miss my friends’ posts? For starters, follow your favorite musicians, or famous tweeters and follow their announcements.

You can also follow the well-known Croatian and world media, which also publish on Twitter. Then, following these announcements, you should already get a clear idea of ​​how to achieve what you want from him with Twitter.

Twitter’s immediacy makes the platform ideal for following live events, whether it’s the Champions League or a new episode of Game of Thrones. When a celebrity makes a gaffe, Twitter is usually the first to react.

Everyone posts on Twitter and equally everyone can become a journalist, ie everyone can become a source of information about things they care about, but they can become a source of large media organizations in case they are in a place where they do not have reporters.

Twitter value


When something like Twitter or Facebook becomes a cultural phenomenon, its importance goes beyond individual numbers and grows into a cultural change.

Twitter’s stock price fell nearly four percent after that social network permanently revoked Donald Trump’s profile. The stock price is now $53.70. The official reason for the permanent ban is the risk of Trump’s further incitement to violence, write the American media. Trump had more than 88 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter and followers

According to statistics, Twitter is the place where people involved in marketing or sales interact the most with potential customers. Twitter is a very “fast” place and easy to “handle”. And most interestingly, you will find members of your target group. But how to reach a follower?

1. Tweet more often


Twitter is a little different from Facebook and Instagram and requires a slightly more “aggressive” campaign. If you are wondering how many times a day you should fast, they say that the golden mean is between 3 and 7 times. Some brands even tweet between 15 and 20 times a day. What’s key to success on Twitter is this: don’t promote yourself exclusively. Retweet. Share relevant articles from your industry. News. Indeed, there are many possibilities.

2. Gather more followers

It’s no secret that as the number of followers on any social network increases, so does the opportunity to make money. The situation is no different with Twitter either, but with one small difference. Since all Tweets are public, instead of followers, you collect likes. If you click here, you can learn and read more about it.

3. Respect the visual content


We assume you know – tweets followed by visual content attract likes and retweets more than those that are only followed by text. Of course, there is nothing wrong with publishing only text, but it is always good to break the monotony with a good photo, GIF or video.

4. Use hashtags

Think of hashtags as follows – as if they make your posts “more sought after”. Of course, it is. Research has shown that if you use at least one #, your tweet will have more interaction. Of course, you are free to use them more, especially if you can use them in the sentence itself – it’s a complete hit.

5. Tag, use the retweet and reply option


It’s great if you’re already using commenting on other tweets, especially other brands. What is important is that we respond to every comment. If someone tags you in their tweet, it is more likely that more people will hear about you, and even follow you, out of curiosity. It is up to you to keep them as your followers.

6. Optimize your profile

Upload the appropriate profile and cover photo. Write a biography. Leave a link to your website. Be professional and leave as much information as possible so that your followers would not be in doubt when they follow it.

Besides, you can find a lot of help on HomeTownStation, especially if you’re interested in extra options for making your page more attractive. For example, buying followers on Twitter can improve your online image, showing your trustworthiness and significance.

7. Promote on other platforms


That’s why we have other social networks, a website, and even mail marketing. Everything we use online is great for promoting our Twitter account. Another thing is extremely important – it has been rumored for some time that Twitter is not so popular in our area. However, know one thing – there is always room for those who have something new and smart to say. It could be your brand.