If you visit a restaurant, what is the first thing you will want to see? The menu, right? Similarly, if you go into a car showroom, the first thing you want to look into is the car catalog. It means that the things you wish to look at to select something are known as listings, and if your trade involves selling something, you must have a listing page on your company’s website. Firms like Multiple Page Generator┬ácan help you prepare such listings to gear up to maximum profit. You can also experience a lot of benefits if you index your site on the internet directories, which will be discussed here.

Types of websites that use Listings


Some of the websites that use listings are as follows:

1. Advertisement and Announcement Websites

These websites are just like a board where the users place hundreds and thousands of messages all over the site. Any individual who visits the site can find the information they may need by exploring through it. One of the well-known examples of such a site is Craigslist.

2. Job Board Websites

One of the well-known examples of such websites is, where employers generally leave the listing of the different job vacancies offered by their firms. These jobs are arranged based on the region, salary, working hours so that it is easy for the potential employees to browse through the jobs that meet their requirements.

3. House Rental and Real Estate Websites

If someone wishes to buy a house or a commercial plot to start a new business, they can browse the colorful listings/catalog offered by these rental websites. These listings include and an array of big illustrative pictures of the houses offered for rent/sale.

4. Travel Aggregators

Flight companies, generally have their websites where anyone can see a schedule and purchase the tickets. It is a tedious task to select a flight and hotel options from hundreds and thousands of websites. That is where the travel aggregator comes in. If you type in the destinations in the “To” and “From “Sections, you have a big list of flights and accommodation options. Then you can choose your desired location and accommodation from the site and proceed. A well-known example of such a travel aggregator is the CheapOair, where you can book flights and hotels to and from any part of the world.

How can you add listings to a website?


There are two ways in which one can add listings to a website.

1. Ready-made templates

Such templates have the listing function already built-in so that you do not face any hassle while generating an excellent design with a fundamental structure and all the modules you will need for work.WordPress themes are an example of the ready-made template.

2. Jet Engine

This is a plugin that helps create the listings and grids easily and quickly. Unlike the ready-made templates., this JetEngine plugin does not have only one type of listing for a particular template. Still, it will allow the users to prepare any listing without any problem. For this plugin, you will need two types of listings-Listing Grid and Listing Template. It will determine how the components in the listing will be shown to the customer..All the other features such as the color schemes, fonts, image size, etc. for the listing are customized under the Listing Template Widget.

Benefits of Adding Business Listings in Internet Directories

  1. Suppose the listings of the business are added into the directories on the net. In that case, they will have a proper exposure, which will significantly increase the number of visitors to the website. On the other hand, if the potential clients are not able to find you on the net, they will not be able to buy your services and products .hence it will negatively affect the business. Hence, by listing the business website on an internet directory, it will bolster your business’s promotion amongst the netizens.
  2. Once your website has a good ranking in the directories compared to several other websites, it will send a signal to the potential customers that your website and the items/services you are trying to sell is authentic. Your website will also be ranked on the major search engines such as Google, AOL, etc.
  3. Advertising is a crucial element in any business. Why do businesses advertise? They do it so that the clients or customers can find out more about the business. Many SMEs may not have an extravagant budget to promote their business. That is when indexing the website of the business in the internet directories with a minimal fee can help. Unlike the traditional methods of advertisement, indexing the site on an internet directory is more affordable.
  4. If you want your site to look professional, it is recommended that you make use of the internet directories. They will assist you in enhancing the status of the business. This method will make your clients have a professional outlook towards your business. If the website is indexed in a directory, it will look as professional as the top business brands.
  5. A significant advantage of internet directories is that they can undergo search engine optimization. These directories allow its users to make use of a list of inbound links. The inbound links are the links from other websites that are directed towards your website. These are also known as the backlinks that must be clickable. There are two parts in a backlink/inbound link -one is the link to the page, and the other one is the anchor text with which it is attached.

When any visitor to any specific site wants to find out more about your website from the directory, they can click on this backlink and be easily directed to your website. In this way, you can generate a lot of traffic towards your site.



A listing page does not only make a website look very attractive irrespective of how you add in the listing page to the website. Also, the listing pages makes the navigation process more straightforward. Also, adding these listing pages in an internet directory has its own set of advantages. So it can be concluded that listing pages are necessary for any website, and it helps in bolstering any business.