Have you noticed how often you have to use video hosting services? Digital television had no competitors, then torrents appeared, and now video hosting sites have managed to replace television.

What are video hosting platforms for?

Video hosting is a service for viewing and adding videos in the browser using special built-in players. Site owners no longer need to upload and store videos on their site, because such files are too heavy for a regular site. If multiple viewers start watching a video on an author’s site at the same time, it may cause the site to exceed its allowed maximum bandwidth and result in a hang or slow loading. It’s very easy to post videos to any type of video hosting, and only post a direct link to your site.

Ease of use is not the only advantage of video hosting over digital TV: the vast majority of video hosting sites are used as platforms where monetization through advertising is possible. Users can use them to view any content for free without downloading it to their computer.

Video hosting is used by authors to present a brand, attract an audience, increase customer loyalty and implement many other marketing tasks. Video hosting also “wins” over digital TV due to the presence of feedback from users: you can subscribe to channels of interest, comment, and mark what you like or dislike (likes/dislikes).

Users with a verified YouTube account share their favorite videos on Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks or send videos to email, and also have the ability to embed the video code on their website.

The main goal of creating branded video hosting is to attract the attention of the target audience and redirect leads to the company’s main selling website.

Businessmen who consider video hosting as an additional source of development for their brand want to get as many YouTube subscribers as possible. Indeed, with the right approach, thanks to the video format, you can count on a significant increase in targeted traffic.

About the most popular video hosting

Source: kinsta.com

YouTube is the leader in video hosting ratings. Video hosting is ahead of other similar sites in terms of the number of users – its audience watches more than 6 billion hours of video every day. Every day the demand for the site only increases: within a month, up to 800 million unique users Internet networks can visit video hosting.

Hosting tends to increase the time spent on the resource even by casual users. The site has become a natural environment for starting a blogging career. YouTube is convenient due to its clear interface and great functionality. The history of the YouTube logo is also very interesting, read it in https://logolook.net/.

The service is equipped with tools for moving videos from Google Photos. The option of conducting live broadcasts is available to achieve an increase in audience interest in all kinds of videos using chats. After completing the registration process in the YouTube system, you will see an action button for downloading videos in any of the formats: Full HD and 4K. Implemented 3D support. Video hosting monitors the observance of copyrights. For violations, the account with all content is blocked.

Hosting advantages:

  • The presence of a multi-million audience.
  • The ability to communicate with the audience through private messages, as well as discussions and comments, the presence of the function of stories and polls.
  • Easy to conduct live broadcasts with the ability to save recordings of broadcasts on the hosting.
  • Ability to promote videos using the “Featured” section.
  • Access to detailed channel analytics.
  • Enable monetization through AdSense and media networks.
  • Fast coverage at a competitive cost per view.
  • Regular YouTube users who have a channel associated with a phone number get access to all the site’s resources without restrictions.
  • Hitting the top for key queries, that is, if we type any query in the search for the YouTube hosting itself.
  • Promotion of any popular videos, optimized and even having less than a thousand views.

Hosting disadvantages:

  • Presence of a high level of competition.
  • Without installing AdBlock, one video can contain a lot of ads.
  • Since many users perceive the player’s design as entertaining, it can be difficult to grow a business with the site, as a conservative business ad may resonate with the audience.
  • YouTube does not have player settings and when adding a video to a non-hosted site, the logo will continue to be displayed in the player.
Source: cloudways.com

YouTube video hosting is free. However, with free use, viewers will have to put up with the presence of ads that can be skipped no earlier than 6 seconds after they start showing. Users are allowed to activate the YouTube Premium service, under which video viewing is free of charge. ads will be available for a small monthly fee. Videos posted on YouTube are displayed in Yandex and other search engines. This once again confirms the advantage of the site compared to other hosting.

Summing up, I would like to say that YouTube is not only a very effective tool for distributing video content but also a functional platform for generating income from commercial advertising. YouTube is rated as a more promising platform for campaigns aimed at a young active audience. Research predicts that video advertising will outstrip the usual digital formats – contextual and display advertising. To achieve ultimate success, companies need to strike a balance between valuable advertising and humor, while keeping in mind the social nature of video hosting.

Video hosting is not only advertising and entertainment, but also a repository of very useful, educational, and inspiring information for users of all ages. If you create valuable content, then you will have the opportunity to promote your projects or yourself around the world, and you will be seen anywhere in the world. Isn’t that enough to start using YouTube and create your channel?