The sale of a product is influenced by many factors, but one of them is the packaging of the product itself.

Packaging has several functions, such as product protection and shelving, but it is also an important marketing tool to capture customer attention and influence the customer’s decision on which product to choose.

Customers are often unaware of how much product packaging affects their purchasing decision. The customer perceives the packaging of the product for which he or she is interested by looking at and touching.

When a customer chooses within a single product category on store shelves, the box subconsciously creates a distinction between the item they will notice and eventually buy. In practice, the box becomes the face of whatever you sell and people recognize it.

It must stand out.

Nowadays, competition is increasing, so manufacturers are cleverly fighting in various ways to get their product closer to customers, organizing promotions, consumption, promotions, etc. But in the end, the packaging is what first communicates with consumers.

Whether it is biscuit, milk, wine label or any other product, it must stand out from the competition with its design. As the price attracts a specific target group, so does the design which plays an important role in the same process. It should be attractive or unique.

Cost of production vs quality

If you have a product that is of medium quality and does not significantly outperform its competitors, you should also consider the cost-effectiveness of the box.

Consumers will assume, based on design and price that it is an expensive and high-quality product, but after purchasing and consuming the product, they will realize that it is of medium quality. People will be disappointed and there is a good chance that they will not buy it again.

This is an example when you have excellent design, a superbly crafted package, but because of the cost of production, you also had to increase the price of your product beyond the expected limit and did not leave a good impression on the consumer.

Before designing

In order to avoid the item to be too pricey before you start creating a box for it, it is necessary to research the target audience of consumers and the market, explore competing products and determine the quality.

Visual identity

For the design, in addition to the above items, it is very important to define the colors and the quality of the photographs if necessary to fit them into the design. Colors mean the adaptation of color to a particular type of product, for example, that milk packaging is not dominated by red.

According to PakFactory, a very important item is to take care of visual identity, so if you have a series of goods that are similar, make sure that the packaging design of those products is the same, and that it only differs by photo, illustration of that product or by some detail on the design.

For example, if you have 4 types of biscuits and each one of biscuit packaging is significantly different from the other, the consumer will be confused and will not immediately realize that it is the same manufacturer.



The different appearance of a new item from the visual identity of old products is possible if it is a limited-edition special series or a new product line. Even in this case, care must be taken to make certain elements of visual identity visible on the new wares.

Ecological packaging

Organic foods that are not adequately packaged significantly impair the concept of environmental awareness in humans. In addition to potentially reducing the quality of food, it also sends the wrong message to consumers who are still not familiar with the value of organic food.

Imagine a situation where you try to respect nature and all the principles of organic farming, give back what you get to nature, and finally pack your product in the complete opposite that distorts all your effort – plastic.

Consumers will know nothing about your effort, and they will see just the opposite, and eventually, they will get a bad idea of what values represent organic food.


Juice in a bottle or a can? It doesn’t seem to matter to you, you choose by appearance or price. However, packaging is very important for health reasons when shopping for groceries.

Plastic has marked our lives years ago. In the sense that now, there’s less of it the shelves, we can find groceries that are packaged differently. Admittedly, not all household supplies can be packaged in, according to experts, the highest quality wooden packaging.

If you start from dried meat products, water, juices, fruit packets, you will find that we usually reach for plastic.



Glass packaging is made of homogeneous glass mass and is most resistant to the acidic and basic ingredients of foods. It protects goods from moisture. To prevent the effect of light, i.e photochemical reaction in the product, the glass should be dark-colored – dark green or brown.



In practice, manufacturers are opting for the most economical option. Research has also shown that recycled packaging is harmful, and among the worst is fast food delivery. Also, you should be careful with bottled water. It is best to throw the bottles immediately after drinking water or juice, as they are not suitable for reusable use.



Not every plastic is the same. Very important is what kind it is made of and make sure it complies with rigorous regulations.

Now that you know all this, you know how important packaging is in every way. If you want a successful product that is very marketable, you must pay attention to the design, but also to the cost-effectiveness of production.

Everything must be in perfect harmony. Also, nowadays, people are increasingly paying attention to health, so you also need to think about the quality and materials you use. If you manage to satisfy all these items, success is guaranteed.