In this day and age, when your target audience has diminished attention spans, no one has the time to click on all the pictures you share on social media. Hence, it would be better to get your message across in one frame. However, one image alone is not enough to tell your whole story. A collage helps you in telling customers your full story in one go. Thankfully, you can use a collage maker to make your collage crating project without any glitches.

Today, you can leverage technology to come up with professional-looking, pristine, and polished projects. You can finally do away with your scissors and glue. There’s no need to make cutouts of pictures and words to compose your task. Moreover, you can transform your photos into a stunning work of art with a free collage maker. With modern phone cameras taking clear and crisp photos, you must surely have a treasured collection of images in your gallery. Why not make a collage for your company’s social media or bulletin board?

If you want to get started on your project, working with the right tool can make a world of difference. Here are the top 3 most user-friendly collage makers that you should have in your tool kit. With these tools at your disposal, crafting will become very simple as dragging and dropping your favorite pics into your chosen template. Even newbies and kids find this handy! Thus, with the right resources, the process of creating a visual masterpiece becomes a real joy.



When it comes to a user-friendly interface, Promo has it. As it comes with a super simple dashboard and toolbar that make digital collage crafting a breeze. Even if you don’t have any design background, you can be done in just a few minutes. And all it would really take to make your final creation is a few flicks of your finger.

Best of all, this collage maker online is completely free. You don’t need to pay a premium fee to access all the features. Just sign up with your email and verify the account, then you’re good to go. Furthermore, this digital solution has everything you need to beautify your collage, whether on desktop or mobile. Above all, you can save your work into your account. Take a peek at its most exciting features:

  • Possesses a vast collection of templates that can accommodate your purpose.
  • Assures easy photo modifications with a pic editor and image resizer.
  • Allows easy customization with an extensive library of graphics and fonts.
  • Permits tweaking of colors, borders, backgrounds, and effects.
  • Provides an easy drag and drop function for easy design.
  • Ascertains convenience with quick uploads via phone, memory drive, Facebook, or Google Dropbox
  • Guarantees vibrant, high-resolution photos for sharing online or printed materials.
  • Be Funky

Another great collage maker online for your easy use is Be Funky. It lives up to its name, providing funky designs to ensure you have beautiful designs that catch the eye. Who doesn’t want a little funk and flair in their collage projects? Its perks include the following:

  • A simple interface allowing easy use
  • Seamless integration with a photo editor
  • Tons of templates for a burst of inspiration
  • Works online and as an app

However, this tool’s caveat is you need a BeFunky Plus to account for $4.99 a month to gain access to more photo effects and higher-resolution downloads. Though the free version works amazingly well, it limits your choices. As a result, your creativity may become stifled. Check out this free collage maker by and see your story come to life.

2. PiZap


If you need a free collage maker online, PiZap works exceptionally well. However, you may find the free version annoying as it works through ads. If you see advertisements intrusive, you need to shell out around $2.99 a month for the pro version. For example, the free variant comes with plenty of fonts, stickers, text, and templates to liven up your collages. Meanwhile, the paid pro version offers the following:

  • Free of ads
  • Bigger font library selection
  • More stock images
  • A broad range of templates
  • High-resolution downloads

If you want to test things out, give the free version collage maker online a try. By testing the free method, you can get the app’s feel before paying for the additional perks.

3. Fotor Collage Maker


If you need a collage maker online that makes it easy for you to put attractive collages together, Fotor works well. To illustrate, this professional-level tool allows easy upload of images, which you can see on the right-hand bar display. Then, just choose a pic and place it where you want it on the template. Hence, with this simple feature, you will undoubtedly enjoy creating your digital designs. However, the biggest caveat is your designs will come with a Fotor watermark. If you want total access, you need to pay for the premium version starting at $3.33 a month. With the pro, you can enjoy the following:

  • No watermarks
  • Ad-free tool
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Advance features
  • FotoJet

If you’ve got tons of projects on your to-do list, Pearlmountain offers an amazing collage maker online called Fotojet. As its name says, you can literally jet through and zoom your way through your photo collection to do amazing projects in a jiffy. This free tool allows you to create the following with ease:

  • Posters
  • Photobooks
  • Cards
  • Facebook covers
  • Youtube banners
  • LinkedIn backgrounds
  • Twitter headers

To sum up, with the primary collage maker online, you get access to hundreds of templates, free graphics, and typography. However, if you want to gain access to more features, you must get the paid version at $3.33. Should you need more resources to work with, the premium payment guarantees a more extensive library.

Final Wrap Up


And there you have it, folks! This rounds up the five best and most-user friendly collage makers today. With these solutions in your toolkit, you are certainly spoiled for choice. You can make several accounts and try various applications to see which ones best suit your business. For best results, why not try several free tools? You’ll have lots of options in combining your best photos in one frame. Let your creative juices flow, and enjoy pic collaging!