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The world of corporate events is there to provide each company or business the chance to strengthen the bond between employees or increase their skills.

There are a lot of types of events in the corporate world. You probably recognize many of these, but it’s important to mention them as each one is unique in its way.

Without wasting too much of your time, let’s get straight into the 8 most common types of corporate events.

1. Conferences

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Conferences are easily the most popular corporate events that exist. These are specialized in gathering events for business and companies that allow networking in the industry.

These are created so that companies can meet one another and discuss the latest dealings in the industry, learn from one another, and of course, discuss potential business dealings.

You might think conferences are nothing but a chance for companies and businesses to engage in small talk and beverages, but they’re far more than what meets the eye.

These events usually involve speakers where professionals from all over the world come to discuss certain topics within the industry. Running a conference is no easy task, as these are usually conducted on a larger scale.

2. Seminars

Seminars are very similar to conferences. These events help achieve the same thing but are usually more formal.

A greater focus is placed on educating and learning when it comes to seminars. Thus, these events usually have a single speaker that addresses and leads the entire event.

So, to summarize, seminars usually have one to two speakers that address the crowd and focus mostly on a single topic or issue. Education and learning are key to these events, thus making it more formal.

Seminars usually last a day or two, compared to conferences where they could last throughout the weekend.

3. Expos and Trade Shows

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These corporate events are usually large-scale and include a wide host of vendors, sellers, and manufacturers from a certain industry.

Usually, trade shows have a revolving theme where businesses, companies, and people from a specific industry present their newest products and services to all attendees.

These corporate events are predominantly focused on networking, finding customers, and connecting with suppliers.

Trade shows and expos are usually organized by the leader in the industry, and there is a fair amount of negotiating with sponsors to get everything set and running.

4. Team Building Events

Team building events are probably the most fun when it comes to strengthening and team bonding within a company or business.

These are carried out usually within the company offices or to any other location where the opportunity for fun is presented. Thus, the main focus of these events is to have fun, get to know each other better, improve communication skills, and encourage teamwork.

In most cases, companies and business schedule fun activities to achieve these goals. These activities could be anything from paintball to bowling and even camping.

Unlike conferences and seminars, team building events last usually half a day. In most cases, they last a few hours.

In most cases, companies organize transportation to and from the team building event so that their employees can enjoy their day without needing to drive.

Popular sources of transpiration include limousines and rental busses. If you ever needed to hire an agency for your upcoming team building event, then make sure to visit

5. Executive Retreats

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Executive retreats are very different types of corporate events that sometimes can be fun and relaxing.

In most cases, executive retreats are organized so companies can get together and develop the upcoming term’s strategy and plan. Sometimes, they’re meant to reward an individual for their performances, while other times they can be quite exploring and excursionist in nature.

But one thing is for certain, these events are usually held at luxurious resorts and very desirable locations. These are some of the most expensive corporate events and with good reason.

6. Corporate Dinners

The name says it all, corporate dinners can be held amongst company members or in between companies where executives usually discuss business.

In the case the dinner is held in-house, then these events are more casual than formal. If the dinner aims to discuss business, then the corporate dinner will take a more formal approach.

In many cases, corporate dinners are held so that a company can impress a potential client, buyer, or future associate.

They can be held in-house, at a countryside resort, or even at your local bar.

7. Product Launches

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These events vary in size and intent. They can be simple in-house gatherings where the company celebrates a launch for an upcoming product. Or they can be huge events with lots of guests, company officials, partners, etc, for the purpose of creating a hype around a particular product.

These launches are predominantly held by companies and businesses that operate in industries that focus on the customer. In many cases, the media is invited to these events for the purpose of media coverage.

Sometimes, key people get a sample of the product to give it a review. And in some cases, Key media companies also get this product.

It isn’t unheard of for celebrities or media spokespersons to lead and entertain the event.

This, however, solely depends on the industry and doesn’t occur too often.

8.  Board Meetings

Large companies have board members and shareholders then they either love or hate this next one. Board meetings are held by the company executives, board members, and shareholders to discuss upcoming strategies and plans.

During these meetings, a common theme is to review performances across various company sectors and determine budgets. In most cases, big decisions are being made where everyone attending gets to vote on the matter.

Shareholders attending these meetings will generally ask to see performance reviews, ask for their upcoming strategy, and evaluate goals and achievements.

Most board meetings are held twice a year, but it isn’t an unheard thing for them to be held four times a year or only once.