Blogger Outreach is digital marketing’s most effective strategy. Being so effective, it has also earned the infamous reputation of being the most abused. With the right approach, blogger outreach can help in:

  • Increasing traffic flow to your website.
  • Attracting related audiences to engage on your platform.
  • Help your website metrics and SEO score.
  • Climbing Google’s SERPs will become a breeze (backlinks).
  • Contribute to direct sales and revenues.
  • Build your credibility in the digital ecosystem.

Successful blogger outreach has many advantages. However, on the other end of the spectrum, faulty blogger outreach could land you in trouble.

If not done in the right fashion, the strategy can make your website’s metrics and SEO score decrease. It can also be fatal enough for Google to de-index your website. Trust me; thousands of websites are de-indexed in every Google update.


If you want the best blogger outreach strategy, you need to avoid the following 7 mistakes.

7 Most Common Mistakes of Blogger Outreach: The List

1. Avoid working with Link Resellers

Link resellers are the reason why there are so much confusion and mistrust in the industry. By prioritizing money over everything else, do not care for either the publisher/blogger or the advertiser/client.

It is best for your blogger outreach strategy to avoid link resellers and link directories. They mean trouble and are only interested in the money at all times.

2. Let someone else create your Content

Your content is your digital identity. As such, you should exercise complete quality control over it. If you do not trust your writing expertise, hire a professional content writing agency. Every content that goes out bearing your link should be-

  • Original and Non-Plagiarised.
  • Informative and Useful.
  • Structured and SEO friendly.
  • Create value for both reader as well as the publisher.

Quality content is the foundation of any successful blogger outreach strategy.

3. Sending template-based emails

If you are outreaching to an authority site, the first thing you need to abandon is an email template. Just exchanging the name and the company does not cut it anymore. The outreach email should be personalized and engaging.

It needs to be a conversation starter of the highest order. Invest in finding out about the publisher and make the right approach.

4. Not expecting it to be a reciprocal relationship

If you are requesting the blogger to publish your content on his platform, be ready to reciprocate this. The return can take any number of forms. From direct monetary exchanges to sharing links.


This is not an ideal world, and you need to make peace with that. This is called professionalism. Crying about complaining to Google about it will not land you anywhere.

5. Pitching content already on their site

If you are offering something that they already have, they will not accept the content. Your content needs to be different. This is where your research becomes very important.

Try to go for infographics, helpful listicles, or successful case studies. If the article has value, the publisher will be forced to publish it. Give him a hook!

6. Work with the wrong agencies

Not all digital marketing agencies are good when it comes to blogger outreach. Agencies such as, with 5 years of experience, having their own platforms and products are credible blogger outreach service agencies.


Get the right agency; you will ace the blogger outreach strategy. Get the wrong one; you will be biting the dust in no time.

7. Don’t spoil the relationship with the publisher

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make goes back on your word with the publisher/blogger. If you have agreed to something, then stick to it. Asking for extra favors might get you blacklisted in the industry.

Remember, everyone knows everyone. Once you cross anyone, everyone will come to know about it. Try to build as many relationships as you can.



Uncle Peter had once famously quoted, “with great powers, comes great responsibility.” According to Viacon, Blogger outreach is a powerful strategy if used in the right way. From traffic, SEO, revenues, it can guarantee it all. However, it also has an inherent danger of going horribly wrong.

At the end of the day, you are just one click away- either from success or from failure!