The effectiveness of mass SMS marketing is difficult to underestimate. Each smartphone owner checks notifications on his phone every day. The average number of such checks is 85. This is an impressive number that allows you to judge how often subscribers see and perceive ads. Among the wide range of tools for business text messaging, there will be something that will appeal to the phone’s owner.

Bulk mailings are popular among owners of both offline and online businesses. SMS are used to notify users of various events – delivery or availability of goods in stock, current promotions. Also, users receive service messages or trading offers.

Such mailings can be sent by beauty salons, travel agencies, supermarkets, and many other companies. When a user orders various services, he/she receives confirmation of completion of work via SMS.

Highly effective SMS marketing strategies


Bulk SMS textings are more personalized and efficient than other methods of notifying users. This also applies to email newsletters. Each client can have several mailboxes, and their verification will be carried out at best once a day. At the same time, some promotional letters will immediately go to spam and will not be read by the addressee. A person can use one or two mobile numbers, while he will immediately receive notifications. A user can quickly open a notification and find out about current interesting offers from a particular company.

If you want to send SMS in bulk and for this method to be effective, you need to focus on several strategies:

  1. Create a list of potential buyers.
  2. Think over promotions and bonus offers.
  3. Choose the time and frequency of sending messages.
  4. Use a call to action in each SMS in bulk (go, buy, see, and so on).
  5. Perform performance analysis regularly.

If you follow this instruction, you will increase your sales and traffic to the site. One of the main conditions is the frequency of sending messages. If you don’t want a client to lose interest in your company, send him messages at least 3 times a month. If newsletters and messages come more often, notifications will become annoying.

How does bulk messaging works?


Before understanding the principles of how mailing lists work, it’s best to study their main types. They are divided into transactional, informational, service, and advertising. Transactional is used by banks and other financial institutions to confirm users’ transactions.

Informational messages are used when it is necessary to convey information to a client. This may be a change in the schedule of work, availability of goods in stock, and so on.

Service messages can hardly be called marketing, they are mainly used to inform customers about the services, the end of a tariff plan, and so on. Promotional mailings allow users to stay updated on current events.

It is not difficult to start a successful mass SMS campaign. You just need to complete a few preliminary steps:

  • choose whether you want to send your messages manually or automatically There are plenty of mass mailing services.
  • select phone numbers from the existing database of contacts;
  • create a message;
  • select recipients;
  • set the date of the SMS;
  • filter users by criteria – age, city of residence, gender, interests, etc;
  • analyze the conversion rate.

When the campaign loses its effectiveness, you can create a new one.

Don’t forget that you need to carefully study the needs of your target audience. If you are the owner of an online store, users’ regions of residence don’t matter. But if a client changes his place of residence, while you offer services tied to a specific region, the effectiveness of such mailings will be close to zero.

An important condition when writing texts for mass mailing is its length. There is a certain number of characters, which you should use to convey the main point of the offer. Long messages will cost more, and users will hardly want to re-read a big text. Remember that a clear message is a key to success. Moreover, it should not contain spelling or punctuation errors. This can lead to a decrease in conversion rate.

SMS automation software


To make the marketing campaign even easier, it’s recommended to automate the process with the help of special tools. This will increase traffic of your resource, reducing time costs, and allows you to analyze and improve your marketing efforts. At the same time, you won’t need to manually import and export information about your customers. There are many platforms that promote marketing automation. Such platforms have gained great popularity and have become indispensable for employees who are engaged in marketing and communication with potential customers. A great option that can help you reach customers on the device they use the most, their mobile phone is

Thus, you will be able to easily send out mass texts to users to  your contact list.

SMS texting via Internet is conducted through various channels. Among them are direct, indirect or with a fixed name. Such division was introduced not so long ago. The reason for this was an increase in spam messages from companies. A lot of mobile operators tried to protect users from unnecessary notifications, which led to increased requirements for bulk texting marketing.

The international bulk SMS senders make it possible to manually select filters and suitable settings. This allows you to take into account the time difference, gender, interest, age, and customers’ regions of residence. Messages can be sent to users of a certain mobile operator. Their cost will depend on the number of messages and the channel through which they will be delivered.



A careful study of the basic principles of mass mailing will allow you to increase the number of visits to your resource in the shortest possible time. Customers will want to buy your product or service, and you will just need to correctly craft new messages for the next advertising campaign. Don’t forget to analyze the effectiveness of the selected marketing strategies and focus on the needs of your target audience. In this case, you will notice the increase in sales and popularity of your services.  If your business needs help maintaining your marketing efforts, consider